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Atomic Coronary heart has had fairly a journey. Introduced approach again in 2017 initially as a VR game (earlier than that bought renamed Soviet Lunapark after which canceled), after which being reintroduced the following yr as an open-world FPS, one thing at all times felt off. There have been at all times claims that Atomic Coronary heart was a pretend game or an investor scheme. Effectively, it seems the game is actual, and now it is in our arms. Was it definitely worth the wait?

Happening in an alternate Fifties the place the USSR has created what seems to be a communist utopia, you play as army man Agent P-3. Trying to get pleasure from some downtime throughout a nationwide vacation, P-3 has his day interrupted when he is requested to report back to a lab for some work. It appears easy, however upon arriving P-3 stumbles upon a lab at present underneath siege by robots gone killer. Now P-3 and his speaking glove Char-les want to determine how this began and find out how to cease it.

For all of the promoting that targeted on these two, they’re principally barely within the game.

I do know that sounds easy, and I promise that Atomic Coronary heart‘s story has far more to it, but it surely’s inconceivable for me to inform you what’s actually happening. You see, Atomic Coronary heart has a serious downside at its, nicely, coronary heart. That downside? That is fairly probably the worst-written game I’ve ever performed in my whole life. I have been requested to not use hyperbole in my opinions, however I swear this is not hyperbole. I’ve by no means been extra confused and baffled at any time limit than I’m whereas taking part in Atomic Coronary heart.

I don’t say this evenly once I say that Atomic Coronary heart‘s melee fight is genuinely, truthfully, enjoyable.

I actually do not know if I can clarify the sheer stage of nonsense that Atomic Coronary heart will get into. Characters stroll out and in of the plot at random, so do not get hooked up to anybody as a result of they could simply kind of discover some higher game to be in. All the plot hinges on the truth that Russia let a literal traitor construct ‘Kollektive 2.0’, primarily thoughts linking web, and bought stunned when he put in a again door to make robots go haywire. One character will get decapitated, reveals up later simply completely tremendous, then will get decapitated a second time. Scientists simply hold creating big homicide crops and do not actually appear to have a strong motive why.

One of many characters within the game is NORA, the weapons improve vendor that appears like a purple fridge for some motive. Atomic Coronary heart makes the selection to have this character sexually harass the participant for five+ minutes at a time while you go to improve weapons early within the game. Then she’s changed by a generic pc character, however P-3 nonetheless acts like she’s there. It is actually bizarre. I do not understand how else to explain it.

It is not simply that the precise plot is unhealthy, however every part story associated as nicely. The writing is terrible: characters hold saying phrases that always don’t have anything to do with any of the opposite phrases of their sentence. About three hours into the game P-3 all of the sudden decides his catchphrase is “crispy critters” and he shoves it into each scene in probably the most awkward and nonsensical methods. At one other level, when requested to make a proper angle together with his hand, P-3 responds “what am I, the Spanish Inquisition?” and I nonetheless don’t have any clue what that is speculated to imply. Talking of P-3, he is so absurdly offended and impolite to each character for no motive. A man saves his life and is bleeding out and P-3 makes enjoyable of him and will get distracted. Why am I speculated to suppose this man is the hero? It would not assist that each cutscene has fixed countless dialogue. Characters speak and speak without end. All of them simply spew verbal diarrhea.

Atomic Heart Boss
You needn’t get shut when you possibly can simply throw the blade at them.

However wait, it will get worse. That is all assuming you possibly can hold visible monitor of what is going on on. Each cutscene, be it in first or third individual, has the digicam swing round wildly. Then there are the echo results. A number of cutscenes are inside huge rooms and the characters’ voices echo so badly that they are utterly inconceivable to know. Even when there is not an echo, there is a strong likelihood that you will spend the scene subsequent to a machine that simply makes loud noises all the time, and it is at all times louder than the dialogue.

Look, I can excuse a nasty story. I do know not all video games must have good ones. However Atomic Coronary heart might be the primary time I’ve seen a game’s story and writing be so aggressively unhealthy it detracts from the expertise in a significant approach. Characters speak in cutscenes, out of cutscenes, randomly, on a regular basis. They only dribble poorly-acted nonsense continually. Typically it loops round to being so unhealthy it is good. More often than not it is so unhealthy it is simply unhealthy.

It is a good factor punching robots is so rattling enjoyable.

I perceive that first-person melee fight is basically tough to do proper. Few video games handle to, and the most effective remains to be, to this present day, Xbox 360 launch game Condemned: Prison Origins. So I don’t say this evenly once I say that Atomic Coronary heart‘s melee fight is genuinely, truthfully, enjoyable. Early within the game you solely have an axe, however earlier than the tip I additionally discovered myself utilizing a mace with removable razor blades, a sword with a magnetic blade you possibly can throw, and extra. You’ll be able to swing every weapon usually, or use a particular assault, with a number of weapons having a number of particular assaults that you could decide between.

Atomic Heart Stealth
Stealth takedowns look, uh… like this.

It is not simply melee weapons which might be enjoyable although. In contrast to The Callisto Protocol, which tried to mix the 2 however could not handle to make weapons enjoyable to make use of, I loved each weapon I discovered. The primary gun you get is a shotgun, and from the primary time I shot a robotic with it and watched them go flying again I knew that it might be a favourite. A whole lot of this may be attributed to how highly effective each melee and ranged weapons really feel due to some truthfully spectacular destruction on the enemies. As you hit them you will tear off chunks of their outer layers, leaving big gashes and holes of their our bodies, and often eradicating limbs, heads, or simply straight up tearing them in two on demise.

You will mix each of those with some Bioshock-styled powers. Always your character can shoot a small bolt of lightning that may injury and stun robots, after which you may have a couple of different powers you possibly can select to equip. I personally went with a freeze spray that may gradual them down, and a defend to guard myself, however others embrace a mass telekinesis to throw objects and a sprayable goo that you could mild on fireplace. Combining all of this simply felt satisfying in a approach that is exhausting to explain.

There is a good chunk of enemies to make use of these talents towards too. Primary human-looking robots will try and punch, kick, and shoot lasers at you. In a while, they’re going to improve to get vitality shields and stun batons as nicely. Nonetheless, you will additionally encounter robots made for the aim of lumber work, swinging big noticed blades at you. Some fly above the sector and shoot lasers, and others are made to reap wheat and can spin round like toy tops. This speaks nothing of the mutant zombie enemies within the game as nicely.

Atomic Heart Second Boss
Ball boss ball boss ball boss

Even higher, there are a whole lot of actually nice boss fights. They’re frantic battles the place it’s worthwhile to sprint and dodge out of the way in which of enemies, studying their assault patterns and placing once they’re uncovered or weakest. One spotlight has a rolling enemy that, to counter its speedy assaults, I might increase statues out of the bottom for it to crash into. One other, a mutant that appeared to only be a mass of muscle fiber within the imprecise form of an individual, was only a knockdown brawl that was a pleasure to play. They’re completely the highlights of Atomic Coronary heart.

Characters speak and speak without end. All of them simply spew verbal diarrhea.

Sadly, because the game goes on, fight begins to hit a wall. The issue principally comes from an excessive extra of enemies. Late game fights can typically have you ever combating huge swarm after huge swarm. Finally, you will begin to repeat the identical boss fights as nicely. It virtually jogs my memory of a nasty Half-Life 2 mod map, the place the creator ran out of concepts and determined to only spawn huge partitions of enemies at you. It is probably not enjoyable, and it causes the game to decelerate to a slog.

There are additionally a ton of different mechanics that the game appears to dabble in however by no means totally commits to. There is a very primary stealth function, however the enemy’s line of sight and listening to are too highly effective to make use of it reliably. There are first-person platforming sections, however there’s not a lot to them outdoors of some ledge motion. A few puzzles are sprinkled within the game, however virtually all of them are rotating lasers into the proper place. At one level you simply play the game Snake on a video display screen. It makes it really feel just like the builders of Atomic Coronary heart wished to do extra, however all of those components ended up half-baked and dropped.

For some motive, there aren’t one or two however 5 totally different lockpicking minigames. This consists of the traditional Elder Scrolls-styled “rotate stick to search out the proper spot”, rotating colours on a wheel to match them, a timed button press game, and extra. It is simply one other instance of a few of Atomic Coronary heart‘s extraordinarily all over design selections.

what’s not half-baked although? The soundtrack. In his first soundtrack since 2020’s Doom Everlasting, Mick Gordon is firing on all cylinders right here. Even higher, the game would not appear to have only one fashion, and Gordon actually will get an opportunity to go all out. One boss battle is ready to a Doom-styled guitar-heavy monitor that may rank among the many finest in these video games. One other has a darkish thumping digital beat. Even when the story involved me and the frenzy of repeated bosses was irritating, persistently getting to listen to what Gordon whipped up subsequent was an actual delight.

Atomic Heart Lock
90% of avid gamers will not be capable of clear up this lock puzzle.

Since it’s an open-world game, you may be spending time between missions navigating the open world. The final design is not unhealthy. It was a world I would not thoughts getting misplaced in, and there looks like there was lots to discover. There’s only one main downside: you possibly can’t get anyplace with out beginning a neverending rolling firefight. The open world is simply suffering from cameras and enemies. Worse: you possibly can’t kill them. A minimum of not for good. Any time an enemy dies, a drone is dispatched to revive them. There isn’t any approach to cease the countless revival drones, so when you begin the battle you must run. I’ve by no means wished to have interaction with an open world lower than in Atomic Coronary heart. Earlier than lengthy I used to be simply operating from story mission to story mission. The game was higher that approach.

In case you select to not observe the story path and discover, what’s there to search out? I am not completely certain. I by no means discovered any facet quests or collectibles on the world map. There are specific zones marked as having problem fights, however nothing ever actually appears to occur in these zones and even then I used to be by no means certain I used to be in a single. It’s because the map by no means labored for me. I do not imply this within the sense that it was poorly made or did not give sufficient information, I imply any time I opened up the map it was blacked out and informed me to maneuver to open floor. I nonetheless am unsure what “open floor” is, however not as soon as did I get an precise map outdoors of a few tutorial screens.

This might have been a glitch, and boy did I run into a whole lot of these. A few of my glitches had been issues like animations being stuttery and lacking frames. Others concerned enemies spawning inside partitions or underground, and typically I’d additionally get caught on the geometry. One room had the audio tousled, and each sound within the room could be twice as loud and skipping continually. At one level I could not choose one in all my weapons, and the game insisted I nonetheless had it in my stock even once I did not. All of this made me really feel like Atomic Coronary heart wanted a pair extra months within the oven.

Atomic Heart vore
I do know a couple of too many individuals into this.

Atomic Coronary heart Evaluate | Ultimate Verdict

I actually went into Atomic Coronary heart on the lookout for some bizarre and distinctive game that actually throws every part on the wall with bravado and sees what sticks. I bought one thing like that, however not almost as a lot caught as I hoped. Some enjoyable gameplay moments and a kickass soundtrack cannot cover the truth that the open world is unhealthy, the game has a bunch of glitches, the late game turns into a repetitive slog, and Atomic Coronary heart merely has probably the most aggressively horrible writing I’ve ever seen in my life. I am unsure this coronary heart has the blood to maintain pumping.

TechRaptor reviewed Atomic Coronary heart on PlayStation 5 utilizing a replica offered by the writer. The game can be out there on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X|S.

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