Black Desert Cellular introduces new class: Zayed


Pearl Abyss unveiled two new gameplay movies that includes the brand new character Zayeda brand new character coming quickly to the game Black Desert Cellular.

With the awakening elemental energy of the Hashashin class, the brand new woke up class Zayed can manipulate sand, create weapons, traps and even snakes to defeat his opponents.

Trailer introducing the brand new class:

Fight trailer:

Lastly a classy male character in Black Desert Cellular.

“Take heed to me, how the bush wants water to develop and the flowers should be tended so they do not die.

Take pleasure in your blessings from the holy sands earlier than your servant dries to mud.

An awed soul cries out to the night time sky.

The sands of time movement by means of the hourglass because the soul finds no reply to Blackstar.

Together with time, the fleeting lifetime of the soul involves a sure finish.

“Nonetheless, can I grasp the understanding of dying?”

Expertise a brand new approach to play because the warrior of Aal with Hashashin’s Awakening skills:

Entangled Sands – Use Hashashin’s powers to shift the sand below an enemy’s ft, trapping them in place.
Constriction – Hashashin can summon sand snakes that may constrict and bind his enemy, rendering them motionless.
The Paradise Surge – Rapidly shut the hole between Hashashin and a focused enemy to ship a deadly blow.

In the event you thought Hashashin moved like lightning earlier than, Awakening makes him sooner than the pace of sunshine. With a swing of your blades, there’s nothing that may stand in your approach. Together with new powers, steadiness updates make Hashashin a extra balanced fighter for no matter challenges adventurers might face.

Aal’s warrior can solely trip into battle on a horse as highly effective and sleek as he’s – the Horse of Desires, Arduanatt. Dropped at life with the spirit of wind and earth, Arduanatt soars by means of the skies with unparalleled ease. The distinctive expertise Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom create a novel horse, match for a novel warrior.

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