Conflict Royale arenas: trophy ranges and playing cards


On this information, uncover our ideas and methods to progress within the conflict royale arenas. We clarify how the arenas work, the totally different trophy tiersin addition to unlocked maps for every of them. Along with this text, a information to finest Conflict Royale decks of all arenas that can assist you chain the victories.

Conflict Royale Enviornment Information

Earlier than going into the main points of our Conflict Royale enviornment information, let’s rapidly return to the fundamentals. By attaining victories within the game, you improve your variety of trophies. As soon as it reaches a sure degree, you progress on to the next enviornment.

The Conflict Royale arenas are subsequently trophy tierswhich unlock from new maps and mean you can get extra rewards from chests. Now let’s go to the listing of all of the arenas, the extent to achieve them and the playing cards to gather.

Listing of Arenas: From Coaching Camp to Legendary Enviornment

That can assist you in your progress, we’ve got grouped collectively all Conflict Royale arenas With the extent of trophies to achieve them, in addition to the totally different unlockable playing cards for every, from municipalities to heroes, together with legendary playing cards.

Conflict Royale Arenas Nouns Landings Maps unlocked
Enviornment 0 Coaching camp PvE Arrows, Musketeer, GargoylesArchers, Knight, Mini PEKKA, Fireball and Large
Enviornment 1 Gobelinarium 0 trophy GoblinsSpear Goblins, Goblin Cage and Goblin Hut
Enviornment 2 bone pit 300 trophies Skeleton, ValkyrieBomber and Tombstone
Enviornment 3 Barbarian Enviornment 600 trophies Cannon, BarbariansMega Gargoyle and Battle Ram
Enviornment 4 valley of spells 1000 trophies Electro Spirit, Skeleton Dragons, Hearth Spirit, Bomb Tower, Hell Tower and Wizard
Enviornment 5 employee’s workshop 1300 trophies Electrocution, Bats, Rocket, Flying machine, pig rider and Mortar
PEKKAland Park Goblin Barrel, child dragon, , Witch PEKKA
Royal Hogs, Royal Recruits, Royal Large, Three Musketeers, PrinceDarkish Prince and Balloon
Mega Snowball, Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, Large Skeleton, Freeze, Lightning and
Skeleton Barrel, Goblin Gang, Blowpipe Goblin, Barbarian Hut, Barbarian BarrelPoison and Large Goblin
Enviornment 10 3000 trophies Tesla, Elite Barbarians, Gargoyle Gang, Furnace, Electrocutioners, GolemHunter and Bow-X
Enviornment 11 Electrical Valley 3400 trophies Log, mega knightRider, Electro Wizard, hell dragon, Minor and Princess
Enviornment 12 spooky city 3800 trophies Fireworks, Earthquake, Sappers, Electro-Dragon, Graveyard, Ice Wizard, Phoenix and Royal Ghost
4200 trophies Rascals, Therapeutic Spirit, Electro-Large, Bowler, Lava Hound, Thief and
Royal Supply, Elixir Golem, Rage, Driller, Executioner, Lumberjack and
Elixir Extractor, Mirror, Cloning, Twister, Cannon Cart, Fisherman and Granny Witch
Golden Knight and Skeleton King
Minor Grasp and Archer Queen

information to arenas in conflict royale, from the coaching camp to the legendary enviornment. We hope to have answered all of your questions on the totally different ranges of trophies of the game. In case you have different questions, we invite you to share them in feedback, we shall be comfortable to reply you.

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