Dori Genshin Affect Information: Construct, Weapons and Artifacts


Dori in Genshin Affect is a 4-star character Electro wielding a twin sword. The service provider has the particularity of having the ability to heal the members of her workforce, but additionally to recharge their vitality. It would basically play as assist and do little injury. We element you on this information the qualities and defects of Dori in Genshin Affect. Because of our ideas and tips, you’ll know which artifacts and weapons to equip him to have the finest constructbut additionally during which groups to play it.

You might have a small likelihood of unlock Dori in Genshin Affect while you make needs in a Occasion Banner or a Everlasting Banner.

Dori’s Banner in Genshin Affect

The possibilities of having Dori in Genshin Affect are elevated when featured in an Occasion Banner, as is the case from September 9 till September 27, 2022.

Constellations of Dori

Constellations of Dori in Genshin Impact

In the event you play Dori from Genshin Affect as a healer, you are able to do with out its constellations. Nevertheless, these can enhance the character in addition to its injury. Her C1 will increase the variety of pictures of its elemental assault and with its C2Dori’s djinn fires a shot at enemies when it heals a personality.

The C4 can, for its half, grant a bonus to therapeutic and/or recharging vitality. Lastly, the C6 will permit Dori to play as a DPS as her regular assaults may be infused with Electro.

Dori gameplay

Dori in Genshin Affect principally performs as assist. She will, like Kuki Shinobu, deal with your workforce. On prime of that, she is an effective drummer as her elemental outburst restores the vitality of different characters in your workforce.

Dori's Elemental Unleash Stats in Genshin Impact

The trick is to orient its gameplay round its elemental outburst: Alcazarzaray’s meticulousness. Dori summons the djinn from her lamp. This one stays 12 seconds on the bottom. He then creates a hyperlink between himself and the lively character. From then on, the character will get therapeutic, elemental vitality and can be affected by the Electro aspect. To use the Electro aspect to an enemy, the hyperlink between the lively character and the djinn must contact it, which may be impractical.

Because of the passive A golden eye, while you set off an elemental response linked to the Electro aspect when the Djinn is lively, you lower the cooldown of Dori’s elemental assault by 1 second. You’ll be able to take pleasure in this impact each 3.5 seconds.

Dori's Elemental Attack Stats

Lamp of Safety: Peacemaker Cannon, Dori’s elemental assault, is generally used to gather vitality particles to cost the basic rampage. The Djinn’s cannon pictures sadly do little or no injury. However due to the passive Compound curiosityany hitting shot will restore 5 Power for each 100% Power Recharge Dori has.

In abstract, by taking part in Dori in Genshin Affect, your objective can be to launch her elemental rampage as usually as doable. Dori can solely heal one character at a time, nevertheless, however her therapeutic can be extra beneficiant than that of Kuki Shinobu.

The Dori Electro utility is nonetheless lighter and above all harder to arrange. Our recommendation is to play it with one other Electro character if you wish to multiply the basic reactions.

Dori's magic lamp in Genshin Impact

We advise you to first enhance the extent of his elemental outburst, then that of his elemental assault. You will not use his regular assaults except you could have his C6 and need to DPS him.

What’s the finest gear for Dori?

To be efficient, Dori will want a most of vitality recharge (at the least 200%) since his elemental rampage prices 80 vitality factors, but additionally HP to offer good therapeutic. We disclose to you the finest artifacts and weapons to equip on Dori in Genshin Affect to get an optimum construct.

One of the best artifacts for Dori

Best Artifact for Dori in Genshin Impact: Ancient Royal Ritual
historic royal ritual

Since you may principally be taking part in Dori for her elemental rampage, the very best artifact set to equip on Dori is none apart from the 4-piece set historic royal ritual. It would let you enhance the injury of its elemental unleashing by 20% and above all to grant a 20% ATK bonus to your complete workforce after launching its elemental unleashing.

Artifact for Dori: Emblem of Shattered Fate
Emblem of Shattered Destiny
Artifact for Dori: Millelith's Tenacity
Millelith Tenacity

A mix of two items of the set Emblem of Shattered Destiny (20% vitality recharge) and a couple of items of Millelith Tenacity (20% extra HP) additionally embodies a wonderful possibility for a balanced construct.

Artifact for Dori: Ocean-Tone Clam
Ocean-Tone Clam

You may also go to 4 items of Emblem of Shattered Destiny to extend the injury of Dori’s Elemental Unleash by 25% of her Power Recharge or 4 items of the set Ocean-Tone Clam. This set will increase Dori’s therapeutic and can trigger sea foam to look when Dori generates therapeutic. This may inflict injury proportional to the therapeutic supplied.

The principle statistics to prioritize:

  • Hourglass: HP% or vitality recharge;
  • Lower: HP% or Electro injury;
  • Crown: HP%, therapeutic bonus or vitality recharge.

Secondary statistics:

  • HP%;
  • Power Recharge;
  • Elemental mastery;
  • ATK%.

One of the best weapons for Dori

To good theDori’s tools in Genshin Affectwe suggest weapons that enhance its vitality recharge:

  • L’Ritual Greatsword : it is in regards to the finest weapon to equip on Dori in Genshin Affect. The Twin Sword, along with boosting her Power Recharge, presents an opportunity to reset Dori’s Elemental Ability. On this method, it is possible for you to to launch it extra usually to generate extra vitality particles;
  • L’Favonius Greatsword : the weapon may also enhance the vitality recharge, however to take full benefit of its passive, you’ll have to enhance the essential price of Dori;
  • The Satisfaction of the Azure Vault : the two-handed sword gives a number of vitality recharge and will increase the injury dealt by 8%;
  • L’Nagamasa Greatsword : Along with boosting vitality recharge, this weapon, which may be crafted on the blacksmith, will increase the injury of elemental abilities.

Dori’s Ascension and Perk Supplies in Genshin Affect

For stage up Dori to stage 80+ in Genshin Affect and thus enhance his HP to the utmost, you’ll have to accumulate the next sources:

  • 1 Shard, 9 Fragments, 9 Items and 6 Stones ofVajrada amethyst in addition to 46 thunder fruit to loot on theBlasted Tree ;
  • 168 Kalpalotus : you will discover some within the mountains of Sumeru. Find them straight with the interactive map of Teyvat ;
  • 18 Pale pink satins30 Embroidered pink silks and 36 Luxurious pink brocades in gold, which you’ll receive by preventing towards Eremites. Additionally, you will want it to stage up Dori’s skills.

To extend Dori’s skills, additionally, you will want:

  • Of the Teachings of Ingenuityof the Ingenuity Guides and Philosophies of Ingenuity. You’ll be able to loot this stuff on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday within the dungeon Tower of Ignorance ;
  • Of the Crimson Jade Branches to get well by preventing Azhdaha.

Wherein workforce to play Dori in Genshin Affect?

Dori will be capable of officiate on any workforce the place you want a healer or battery to cost up your DPS’s elemental rampage.

We notably suggest the groups:


Eula / Raiden The place Fischl / Rosalia The place Zhongli / Dori: Dori will make Superconduction involved with the Cryo, which can decrease the bodily resistance of the enemy. It would heal your characters as a bonus and cost up Eula’s elemental rampage quicker.


Dori may also be capable of combine a workforce Electrocution to not play Kokomi and as an alternative guess on a Hydro DPS equivalent to Tartaglia, Ayato The place Yelan. Then add a second Electro character equivalent to Fischl and eventually an Anemo hero to spherical up the enemies (Kazuha, Venti, DenimsThe place Sucrose).


You may also play Dori in a workforce targeted on Dendro reactions equivalent to Tighnari /Dory/ Zhongli / collei the place the Traveler Dendro to spice up Tighnari due to the Unfold.

How previous and tall is Dori from Genshin Affect?

Profile of Dori in Genshin Impact

Dori is a small character, she measures roughly 1m35. Nevertheless, we have no idea her age, even when she appears to be very younger regardless of her expertise as a service provider.

Image of Dori in Genshin Impact

That is it for this information to Dori in Genshin Affect. Briefly, it is a enjoyable character to play and may range your groups. Nevertheless, whereas it is good to have an additional Electro healer, helps equivalent to Fischl The place Beidou embody higher choices for injury, particularly within the Abyss. Likewise, Shinohdrank will extra simply apply the Electro merchandise. To find different character or quest guides, go to our web page Genshin Affect cheats.

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