Easy methods to Stage Up Quick in Fortress Crashers


Basic ideas for gaining expertise

  • Hearken to low ranges!
  • Preserve at the least one low stat; for many, meaning Power, however for those who’re enjoying a scout character who focuses on Power, maintain Magic low. That means, you will get probably the most hits from enemies, whereas additionally getting your highest stats in case of a troublesome state of affairs.
  • Juggling is an efficient method for XP farming. It’s primarily used when combating the trolls within the Troll Mom boss struggle.

Really helpful animal orbs and weapons

  • BiPolar Bear: BiPolar Bear mauls an enemy with 8% well being remaining. So meaning much less XP, proper? Effectively, 8% well being does not depart a lot room for XP. However that is not the purpose. The principle cause the BiPolar Bear is taken into account a terrific farming pet is as a result of it lets you realize precisely when an enemy is useless. Many gamers are inclined to overdo their juggling, however BiPolar Bear reduces this course of, which not solely makes accumulating XP higher, however can be good for regular play.
  • Rammy: Whereas working, Rammy will hit enemies dealing harm and knock them down. As we all know, dealing successful offers an exp. And that is extremely abuseable; and particularly helpful in its place methodology for high-strength characters. Slimes can’t be knocked down, and due to this, Rammy is a superb pet to farm for exp. Run forwards and backwards over slime utilizing Rammy, and you’ll earn huge quantities of exp. Pipistrello Cave, for instance, is a major location for slime cultivation. Nonetheless, it could take a number of tries to stage up utilizing this methodology. Thieves’ Forest is one other good place to make use of this methodology. Make your means via the extent till you attain the Troll Mom. Now simply run forwards and backwards as she frequently spawns trolls so that you can maintain working. Rammy will do the remaining, gaining an (virtually) limitless supply of exp. So long as you are keen to run forwards and backwards a ton.

Industrial Fortress Technique

Word: This works greatest in insane mode and is barely accessible in older technology.

Use Rammy and the glowstick. Juggle all of the fencers and industrialists in a nook. Ensure you have excessive protection in case you are inexperienced. If not, improve the agility stage.

As soon as you have achieved that, go to the ultimate boss and use the boomerang on the flagpoles. Throw him, and when he comes again, run to {the electrical} poles. This course of is comparatively straightforward and can will let you achieve 3-4 ranges at a time.

catfish technique

You need to do the Catfish stage. It’s suggested that you’ve got an honest quantity of talent factors in Magic and loads of factors in Agility (Magic for spell spamming functions and Agility for dodging) When Catfish seems, spam splash magic.

You probably have a personality with an honest boss kill then it is best to achieve XP rapidly. You HE CAN take away the hairball, however you threat inflicting main harm. You no assault him when the King launches the cannonball and the shocked Catfish; in any other case it should do quite a lot of harm to the Catfish. When the catfishbegins attacking you with its paw, block it along with your protect. Preserve repeating this and you’ll get heaps and plenty. XP 🇧🇷

One other means to do that is to make use of the Stage 50 Drill Spin combo as a substitute of splash magic and switching between splash magic and shielding throughout paw assaults. Keep in mind that Catfish has 10 occasions extra HP in Insane mode. So it is extra value doing there. Additionally keep in mind that you should utilize Giraffey to get 10% extra XP.

Sure characters just like the fencer or the industrialist have a spell that may simply kill the catfish in seconds. As such, to maximise your XP achieve with these characters, it is vital to struggle the catfish on insane mode.

Troll Mom Technique

If you end the primary a part of the Thieves’ Forest, you may struggle the “Mom Troll”. It’s a Troll-like beast that, as a substitute of attacking the participant, will spawn a considerable amount of Trolls that may assault them. She additionally runs away from you if you hit her.

Look forward to her to spawn as many minions as attainable, then juggle them till they die. This can be a nice strategy to construct XP. Take into account that it’d take about 15-20 minutes to go up about 6 ranges. In the event you’ve already crushed the game, do it in insane mode. Keep in mind to have good protection earlier than doing this.

Lava World Technique

There’s a level in Lava World the place you want a sandwich to get throughout. You no use a sandwich, as Hearth Demons will maintain spawning and spawning one after the other.

This can be a quite simple strategy to make farm XP and is an efficient strategy to make farm sandwiches nevertheless when you unlock later ranges or stage up extra this system turns into much less and fewer efficient so you’ll have to resort to different strategies reminiscent of Painter farming or Mom Troll.

Excessive protection is beneficial, although not completely important. (In order for you, strive it in insane mode!)

Barbarian Boss Technique

Preserve defeating the Barbarian Boss and you may maintain getting XP. You have to be at the least Stage 2. It’s extremely beneficial that you don’t use your talent factors till you attain the specified stage.

Painter’s Technique

Use a personality with good projection and hit him repeatedly or hit him till he begins portray. Each time you defeat Painter he drops Meals , so that you in all probability will not want any potions after defeating him. A great technique for increased stage individuals!

Fortress Preserve Technique

Use a personality with low power and go to Fortress Preserve and in the best window they are often pushed again and take harm like Snow World and the timber in Forest Entrance. It offers loads of XP per time you repeat the technique with round 700 XP per run in Insane Mode. A great technique for individuals round stage 30.

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