Finest Free Fireplace Weapons after September 2022 replace


The latest replace of Free Fireplacelaunched virtually every week in the past, has introduced quite a few updates and modifications to the game.

On this article, you will try the principle modifications to the game’s weapons, in addition to try the finest free hearth weapons within the present metagame.

Prepared to search out out what your new favourite weapon shall be? So let’s go!

new weapons

The Free Fireplace September replace introduced new weapons that shall be thought-about “stolen” by many gamers. The brand new weapons promise to interrupt the present meta and make the game far more dynamic.

The remedy laser weapon is a weapon to heal allies with the same use to the Remedy Rifle and the Remedy Pistol, nevertheless, with the power to heal allies a lot quicker. Its largest distinction is heal by going via partitions and is right for supporting allies even throughout nice distances.

Weapon 1 – Plasma Weapon

plasma-gun-free-fire Best Free Fire Weapons after update september 2022

Why is it the strongest? Garena buffed the plasma weapon and that weapon’s hearth charge jumped to 12%. When utilizing the extent 3 chip plasma weapon, it does very excessive harm and turns into a great weapon for medium and lengthy vary photographs. The truth that it does not have {a magazine} and has limitless photographs makes it the most effective weapon within the game proper now.

  • harm: 57
  • Vary: 73
  • Firing Price: 50
  • Firing velocity: 74
  • Accuracy: 54

Weapon 2 – Groza

groza-free-fire Best Free Fire Weapons after update September 2022

The Groza stays among the best weapons in Free Fireplace, because it has the power to “cowl” with ease. Meting out any talent on the a part of the participant. The truth that the weapon is simply out there in airdrop or for buy in shops, makes it uncommon and rewarding for gamers trying to dominate the game.

  • harm: 61
  • Vary: 77
  • Firing Price: 58
  • Firing velocity: 63
  • charger: 30
  • Accuracy: 52
  • Velocity ​​to cost: 40
  • Armor penetration: 34

Weapon 3 – SCAR

scar-free-fire Best Free Fire Weapons after Update September 2022

The SCAR stays probably the most vital and versatile weapons within the Free Fireplace meta. Nonetheless, it’s obligatory to alter the sense once more. What’s new for SCAR is that the weapon has attributes and with that it turns into among the best weapons for Ranked mode.

  • harm: 55
  • Vary: 68
  • Firing charge: 61
  • Firing velocity: 74
  • charger: 40
  • Accuracy: 50
  • Velocity ​​to load: 52
  • Armor penetration: 28

Weapon 4 – Bau Bau Shotgun (M1887)

free-fire-espingarda-baubau-m1887 Best Free Fire Weapons after update september 2022

Plainly Garena desires to make shotguns a unique purpose in Free Fireplace. Within the final replace, the Shotgun Butt acquired a buff and elevated weapon accuracy, in addition to lowered reload velocity by 0.2. This left the weapon very robust each for the start of the matches and for the tip. The massive challenge with the Bau Bau shotgun is its harm which may be very excessive.

  • harm: 100
  • Vary: 15
  • Fireplace charge: 40
  • Firing velocity: 79
  • charger: 2
  • Accuracy: 10
  • Cost velocity: 55
  • Armor penetration: 28

Free Fireplace Tier Listing Weapon Rating

High Tier of Weapons weapons
Finest weapons (S)
  • Plasma,
  • BauBau (m1887)
  • Scar,
  • AK,
  • aug,
  • A P,
  • MP40,
  • M1014,
  • Magazine,
  • woodpecker,
  • M82B,
  • desert gun,
  • Scythe,
  • pan,
  • Groza,
Good (A)
  • fames,
  • G36, M60,
  • VSS,
  • MP5,
  • M1887,
  • Kar98k,
  • AWM,
  • G18,
  • mini Uzi,
  • Katana
Medians (B)
  • M14,
  • kingfisher,
  • M249,
  • Thompson,
  • MAC10,
  • Spas12,
  • M24,
  • M1917,
  • M1873,
  • Parang, Bat
unhealthy (C)
  • parafal,
  • SKS,
  • Kord,
  • GC15,
  • vector,
  • Cost Buster,
  • Remedy Sniper,
  • M500,
  • Ff knife

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