Frigg Tower of Fantasy information: Construct, matrices and groups


The simulacrum of Frigg in Tower of Fantasy lets you unlock SRR Balmung weapon. It is a nice sword frost kind and DPS. Its particularity is to extend frost harm because of its resonance. Significantly highly effective by way of harm and assist, Balmung is the weapon to play completely in a workforce gel. We element you on this information the best way to equip and play Balmung, theFrigg’s weaponin Tower of Fantasy. Due to our suggestions and recommendation, you’ll know which matrices to assign to it to have the finest constructbut in addition during which groups to play it.

In the meanwhile you can’t unlock Frigg’s simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy that when it’s put ahead in a occasion banner. You then even have the potential of immediately shopping for a duplicate of his weapon in trade forfiery gold. You’re going to get this forex by performing invocations.

The Frigg’s first banner was deployed from September 1 to September 20, 2022.

Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of our information devoted to farm darkish crystals in ToF to have the ability to purchase a most of Pink nuclei.

Frigg attack in ToF

Balmung is performed as DPS and buffer of his workforce. Frigg’s weapon has the large benefit of providing the frost resonance. This will increase the ATK of frost by 15% (its personal, but in addition that of different weapons of this kind). Frost resistance may even be elevated by 25%. To benefit from this impact, you need to equip a minimum of two frost-type weapons.

Frigg's skill in Tower of Fantasy

Frigg’s different power lies in his ability Fimbulwinter. Balmung slams the world round you upon activation, then knocks enemies again. You then profit from a really temporary immunity. Then a frost area is deployed for 25 seconds. You achieve a 25% fracture bonus and 15% frost ATK for weapons of this kind throughout this time.

Frigg's dodge in Tower of Fantasy

However that is not all, because you not devour stamina when performing dodges. By attacking proper after performing a dodge, you’ll hit your opponents a number of instances with space harm. You’ll inflict extra harm this fashion than utilizing common assaults. The power placing solely 30 seconds to rechargeit is possible for you to to virtually loop the gel area.

Frigg discharge

Additionally strive operating the Frigg dischargethis one will freeze the enemies, will take away the alterations in motion on you and can deal vital harm to all of the enemies.

Lastly, Balmung has well-balanced stats as she scores 8 for Refill in addition to for the Fracturehowever this charge will probably be boosted within the gel area.

Constellations of Frigg

By having a number of copies of Balmung, Frigg’s weapon in Tower of Fantasy, you may improve it as much as 6 instances. With a minimum of his C1, you’ll deal bonus harm when Frigg is in his frost area.

C2 is just for growing the sword’s HP by 16%, whereas C3 will increase the discharge harm of any Frost weapon should you forged the ability in Frigg’s Frost Area. That which embodies a superb buff in a freeze workforce.

Constellations of Frigg in Tower of Fantasy

The C3 may even unlock a alternate outfit for Frigg, whereas the C4 will enhance its ATK. As soon as the C5 is unlocked, breaking shields with Frost weapons within the Frost Area will trigger extra harm to the enemy. Lastly, the C6 will as soon as once more enhance the frost harm.

You bought it, Frigg will probably be overpowered as soon as all its constellations are unlockedhowever we reassure you, you may completely play Frigg in C0 and procure good performances.

Allow Frigg’s Awakening in ToF

You can also make theFrigg’s weapon in Tower of Fantasy much more highly effective by unlocking one among its awakening talents. For this it’s good to give presents to the simulacrum. We advocate Aida’s comics, Angela’s decorations, Bange’s specialties, music bins, silver cookware and even restricted Peanut collectible figurines. Every of this stuff will yield 60 Awakening Factors.

Frigg's awakening in Tower of Fantasy

As soon as the 1200 level degree reached, you’ll enhance Frost ATK by 1.5% each 3 seconds after beginning a struggle (stacking as much as 10 instances) for five seconds.

And to 4000 dots, the bonus will quantity to 2.4% Frost ATK each 3 seconds (stackable as much as 10 instances). Along with this, you can be immune to regulate results within the freeze area.

Which Matrices to equip on Frigg to have the most effective construct?

Matrix for Frigg: Huma
Huma Matrix

For Frigg’s weapon to benefit from the finest construct in Tower of Fantasy, we advocate that you simply equip it with 4 huma dies. With 2 items, you’ll take pleasure in an ATK bonus of as much as 26% when performing assault dodges. And with 4, you’ll scale back the ATK of all targets taking harm inside 8 meters by as much as 15%.

Matrix for Frigg: Samir
Samir matrices

However you can too go for 2 Samir matrices to extend your harm once you hit a goal.

Matrix for Frigg: Frigg
Frigg matrix

the Frigg die set additionally embodies a terrific possibility. With 2 matrices, you’ll enhance Frost ATK by as much as 15% by altering weapons. And with 4, enemies inside Balmung’s Frost Area will take Frost Harm as much as 85% ATK each second.

Matrix for Frigg: Sobek
Sobek matrix

If you haven’t any of those SRR units, we advocate the SR 3-piece set from Sobek to extend harm to close by enemies.

Frigg’s weapon improve supplies in Tower of Fantasy

For mount Frigg’s weapon in Tower of Fantasy at degree 140, you will want the next assets:

  • 38 Cryocore (find ores utilizing interactive map of ToF);
  • 65 Hearts of Ice;
  • 35 Nanocoating I;
  • 45 Nanocoatings II;
  • 31 Amplification Frames I;
  • 64 Amplification Frames II.
Mount Frigg's Weapon

You’re going to get these supplies from password chests, by finishing dungeons ofInterstellar exploration or some Dimensional Trialsby placing a Omniferous base or by shopping for them immediately from the weapon store.

During which groups to play the sword of Frigg?

Balmung will carry out notably properly in a gel workforce. The very best composition to play with Frigg in Tower of Fantasy is none aside from Frigg / Meryl to interrupt shields (simulacrum ice tank) / Tsubasa with its first constellation unlocked to use bonuses and assault (simulacrum ice DPS).

Photo of Frigg in Tower of Fantasy

Begin by deploying the Frigg’s frost area in Tower of Fantasy, carry out 3 assault dashes with Tsubasa to get an assault buff, then swap to Frigg to assault utilizing her dodges or to Meryl if the enemies have shields. You may also exchange Tsubasa with Coconut (mock ice assist) or Nemesis (simulacrum lightning assist) should you want extra care.

Team to play Frigg: Frigg / Meryl / Nemesis

And if you do not have Meryl, go for an additional defend breaker akin to King in SSR (simulacrum fireplace DPS) or Ene in SR (simulacrum ice tank). In any case, attempt to have a minimum of one different frost-type weapon moreover Frigg’s to activate his resonance.

Frigg in Tower of Fantasy

That is it for this information to Frigg from Tower of Fantasy. We hope our suggestions and methods will enable you grasp Balmung higher. Due to his frost resonance, Frigg is presently among the many finest ToF mocks. However to carry out within the action-RPG, additionally, you will must improve your gear. Uncover the best way to enhance your efficiency in our devoted information.

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