Group and Technique for a profitable K10


Kronos 10 Dislyte is the ritual erebium boss essentially the most accessible in early game. Confronting it permits unlock relic units increased rarity Battle Engine, Windwalker, Frozen Dowager, Sylvan Spirit, Unyielding Rock, and Apollonian Bow. So right here is our information to move ground 10 extra simply.

Defeat Kronos on issue 10

Kronos 10 Dislyte has two space assaults. One in every of them does further injury to the member of your workforce with the bottom hit factors. If the latter dies, the boss will assault once more.

Two tablets accompany Kronos. The primary does space injury that may stun. As for the second, it removes the boss’s debuffs and can improve his AP.

The technique is to focus and pace run the boss. It additionally means completely ignoring the tablets, as a result of whereas breaking them makes the struggle simpler, it’s going to additionally unnecessarily lengthen it.

The espers to make the very best workforce

For move Kronos 10 in Dislyte, we’d like espers to cut back the motion factors of the boss to forestall him from performing. We’re additionally going to use a protection debuff to him to be able to do most injury to him. Lastly, if he ever assaults, you have to additionally face up to the assaults of Kronos zones and tablets.

The most effective captains for our workforce for issue 10

Sanders and Melanie have two benefits: they’ve the dear pace bonus and their package additionally contains AP reductions. They’re key characters in opposition to Kronos 10 Dislyte. To forestall the boss from resisting the AP discount, it’s due to this fact ideally essential to minimal stats 70% in PREC and 140 in VIT.

The most effective fighters to face K10

Lin Xiao stays a superb dps for this struggle. Chloe additionally hurts rather a lot, however should imperatively be accompanied by an esper able to making use of a protection penalty. Lastly, Xie Chuyi additionally stands out because of the numerous debuffs it inflicts.

For the early game f2p workforce, Drew and Chalmers might be your fighters. In 5*, Gaïus stays very best even when Li Ling is doing very nicely. Lastly, observe that with ample runes, Donar can solo K10.

Greatest AP Manipulators to defeat Kronos 10 Dislyte

With its pace discount debuff and talent to cut back AP, Eira is ideal for K10. If in case you have defeated the House Tower, Lucas might be very helpful. Clearly, if in case you have Xie Chuyi in dps, Xie Yuzhi will decrease the boss’ AP extra usually.

To spice up the your workforce’s motion factorsUnas, Dhalia and Asenath will stay to be most well-liked.

The most effective helps to move stage 10 of formality erebium

Ye Suhua has both offensive and defensive kit

In early game as in late, Ye Suhua stays the very best because of his glorious package. In case your workforce is struggling defeat Kronos rapidlyyou may add Heng Yue, Clara or Sally, the time of the strengthen with good relics. For the workforce f2pChang Pu might be your healer.

Examples of groups to move Kronos 10 Dislyte

Listed here are some concepts of groups for K10 in automotive :

  • Sanders, Lin Xiao, Xie Chuyi, Xie Yuzhi, Asenath
  • Melanie, Eira, Anubis, Li Ling, Ye Yusuha

Our present workforce options Sanders, Li Ling, Xie Chuyi, Xie Yuzhi, and Unas. Sanders and the twins are solely stage 50, however do a whole lot of injury earlier than the boss may even assault.

This information to Kronos 10 Dislyte is completed. We hope it helps you get by this ritual erebium touchdown. What workforce did you utilize? Share your expertise with us within the feedback.

Lastly, remember that we additionally supply a information to Apep 10in addition to varied Dislyte tips.

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