Information to Double in Skullgirls: talents and variants


You simply unlocked Double in Skullgirls and also you need to study extra about this character? On this information, we clarify who’s Double, what are his foremost expertise, but in addition our tier record of the perfect Double variants in Skullgirls. Due to our suggestions and methods, you’ll know every little thing about this fighter.

Who’s Double in Skullgirls?

Double in Skullgirls is a personality very mysterious. Not like the vast majority of the game’s protagonists, we do not know his motivations and targets. This harmless-looking nun is ready to tackle the nightmarish type of any individual.

Double spends most of her time within the Grand Cathedral of the Divine Trinity to hearken to the confessions of sinners.

Important character talents

The Double’s character skill in SkullgirlsTransmutation, permits him to transfer to a random merchandise, off Impartial, after blocking an assault. Whereas in Elemental Benefit Stance, its harm is elevated by 10%. If she is at an elemental drawback, the opponent’s harm is lowered by 10%.

His status skillEntropy, inflicts a random debuff to the opponent for 15 seconds after a vital hit, if Double is in elemental benefit. Each 10 seconds, she additionally beneficial properties a random buff for 10 seconds.

Double jeopardy, sound status abilitytakes care of 13% with every Transmutation. When activated, Elemental Perk results are enhanced by 40-100%.

Tier record of Double variants in Skullgirls

In whole, we depend 12 variations of Double in Skullgirls. Let’s uncover collectively the signature expertise of every model of the character and which of them are the perfect in our tier record of variants.

Tier Variants of Doubles Parts Signature skill
S Insane variant of Double in Skullgirls
darkish Game over : The Transmutation to the Darkish component completely inflicts Smash, until Double dies. A defeat inflicts 3 everlasting bleed stacks.
S Variant Exquisite Eraser
beautiful eraser
Good sticky fingers : On every hit, Double has a 25% probability to steal a buff from the opponent and switch a debuff to them.
S Mouthbreaker variant of Double in Skullgirls
Good Thriller Taste : Transmutation provides a random buff for 7 seconds and every buff provides 20% extra harm.
HAS Variant Heart of Darkness
coronary heart of darkness
darkish Evil Want : When an opponent exits, Double transfers all debuffs to them. When Transmuting to the opponent’s component, it copies their signature skill and hexes them for 30 seconds.
HAS Double Rainbow Variant
Double Rainbow
Impartial Pentaglam : When Transmuted, Double beneficial properties buffs and inflicts debuffs based mostly on the component for 10 seconds.
HAS Variant Temple Tyrant
temple tyrant
drowned morpha : If she has an elemental benefit, Double heals 25% of her well being throughout a Transmutation and has a 50% probability to transform a debuff into regeneration or armor for 10 seconds.
B Variant Angry Creature
Indignant Creature
Air monstrous drink : When a Blockbuster is totally charged, Double beneficial properties a stack of Fury each 2 seconds. If no Blockbuster assault is charged, it beneficial properties a stack of miasma for 10 seconds each 5 seconds with out blocking.
B Diabolical variant of Double in Skullgirls
Air imminent hazard : When Double or one among his teammates beneficial properties a buff, its length will increase by 5 seconds. Hits taken by Double have a 5% probability to grant regeneration or thorns for five seconds and take away all debuffs, until she is elementally deprived.
VS Bad Seed Variant
dangerous seed
Fireplace Harvest accomplished : When defeated, Double heals teammates for 50% of their max well being and offers harm for 50% of the goal’s max HP.
VS Nonsense Variant
Air Counterfeit : If Double is in elemental benefit, she advantages from 3 random buffs for 10 seconds when an opponent beneficial properties a buff. She additionally inflicts 3 random debuffs for 10 seconds if she suffers a debuff.
D Religious variant of Double in Skullgirls
drowned Fusion level : Double will increase the length of debuffs inflicted by his teammates by 3 seconds and reduces the length of debuffs obtained by 3 seconds.
D Mystiform variant
drowned shadow of carnage : Double beneficial properties 3 stacks of Accuracy on the finish of a buff. Whether it is of the identical component of its opponent, it duplicates all the opponent’s buffs with every buff obtained.

That is it for our Double’s information in Skullgirls. You now know its historical past, its foremost expertise, in addition to its variants and their signature expertise. To find new character guides and progress within the game, I invite you to seek the advice of our web page skullgirls methods.

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