Information to the cycle of chests in Conflict Royale


To progress in Supercell’s card game, it’s essential to open chests to acquire gold cash and enhance your models. And for that, it’s a must to win victories. However do you know that there’s a chest cycle in conflict royale ? Let’s examine collectively what number of chests it consists of and easy methods to know which would be the subsequent ones that you’ll unlock.

The cycle of chests in Conflict Royale

In Conflict Royale, whenever you obtain a victory, you earn a chest as a reward. Nonetheless, the varieties of chests range. Nicely know that there’s nothing random within the order of allocation of those rewards. To be actual, they’re unlocked by 240 cycle.

These rewards embrace 180 Silver Chests, 52 Gold Chests, 4 Magic Chests and 4 Large Chests. The magic chests are obtained at positions twelve, eighty-four, 100 thirty-two and 200 three of this cycle, whereas the Large Chests unlock at locations fifty-two, 100 and fifty-nine, 100 and ninety and 200 and thirty.

Along with this, a second spherical of Conflict Royale chests is ready up for Tremendous Magical Cheststhem Legendary Chests and the Epic Chests. Completely impartial of the cycle of 240 chests, this one works by set of 500 chests.

Whether or not for one or the opposite, the cycle won’t advance if all of your slots are occupied. So be sure you all the time hold at the very least one free area to obtain extra chests.

View your private chest cycle

To search out out exactly the place you’re in your Conflict Royale chest cycle, you may go to the location Royal Stats. Enter your nickname within the search bar to entry your profile.

The Chest Cycle in Clash Royale: Stats Royale

Beneath all of your statistics, one can find your present deck in addition to the subsequent chests that you’ll unlock. As could be seen within the picture above, a quantity is displayed on the chests to let you know in what number of wins you may get them.

That is it, now you understand how it really works. chest cycle in conflict royale. To be taught extra concerning the totally different varieties of chests in conflict royale and easy methods to get free chests, observe the information. And to find new decks in addition to our card guides, I redirect you to our web page Conflict Royale suggestions.

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