Is It Higher Than Genshin Affect?


So far as Genshin Affect clones go, Tower of Fantasy is without doubt one of the most blatant. In comparison with video games like Noah’s Coronary heart, ToF doesn’t simply put on its Genshin inspirations on its sleeve, however proudly shows them as a full-body tattoo. 

Sadly for developer Hotta Studio, Genshin Affect’s crown is worn excessive, and this respectable try falls in need of reaching it. However why is that? 

Is Tower of Fantasy higher than Genshin Affect? 

It’s apparent that Tower of Fantasy is trying to be the subsequent Genshin Affect. From the offset, there’s greater than sufficient “inspiration” to see the gears of Genshin working beneath Tower of Fantasy’s clockwork. 

For instance, beginning the game reveals your catcher combating an enormous enemy alongside your sibling. The 2 of you get separated and also you’ll decide the gender you want to play as. That occurred in Genshin! 

Afterwards, you’ll end up affected by amnesia — traditional — and performing fetch quests for villagers. It sticks to the traditional MMO construction: go right here, discuss to this individual, work together with a factor, discuss to this individual once more, executed. Generally, there’s a battle as effectively. 

In fact, copying the construction of the MMO style isn’t a detriment. Nevertheless, it’s the truth that all of its construction is executed in the very same means Genshin does it. Fight is nearly similar, albeit floatier, virtually like a poor NieR: Automata cellular port. Even climbing and gliding returns, albeit gliding is a clunky, infuriating-to-use Jetpack system.

This jetpack is without doubt one of the worst issues to manage with contact buttons.

The place does it differ? 

Tower of Fantasy’s most unusual parts are in the way it executes its gacha system. Unsurprisingly, it’s much like Genshin: base weapons and characters are pulled in the identical  gacha banners, so you could possibly get ten spears or one thing distinctive. 

Nevertheless, in ToF, unlocked characters are distinctive weapons. For instance, unlocking the character Hilda provides you with her mannequin and voice to play as alongside her enormous gun, The Terminator. 

In some methods, that is worse than Genshin. On this system, you don’t essentially must play as distinctive characters. Nevertheless, it does imply that unlocking a personality you don’t like nonetheless offers you a helpful weapon. 

Tower of Fantasy The Terminator
I’ll not benefit from the game that a lot, however that is hype.

These characters are generally known as Simulacra. They’re AI recreations of well-known warriors, and utilizing them overwrites your character. The one drawback is that it kind of messes with ToF’s different huge function: character customisation. 

Tower of Fantasy has a reasonably deep character creator, and you may make some superior trying characters. Nevertheless, your character is a fully-voiced character that Hotta has written, not a novel individual that you just management. 

In the long run, you’re merely sporting the pores and skin of a personality you wish to play as. There’s no Fallout-style decisions or penalties, solely the look of one thing completely different. 

That’s the entire game 

To be frank, that’s how we’d describe Tower of Fantasy as a complete. It appears completely different to Genshin at a look. The characters are completely different, the world is vaguely sci-fi, and the mechanics are altered simply a lot it may very well be perceived as a unique game. 

Nevertheless, it’s probably not that completely different, and in lots of circumstances it’s barely worse. No character has been as lovely as Xiangling, its Paimon substitute is annoying, and all the things feels tough across the edges. Sure, it’s additionally very buggy. 

Should you tried Genshin Affect and didn’t prefer it, you gained’t like Tower of Fantasy. Should you’re a hardcore Genshin participant, you’ll probably wish to keep there. It’s not that Tower of Fantasy isn’t enjoyable or endearing, it’s simply that there’s merely a greater choice. 

Should you nonetheless wish to attempt the game out for your self, you may obtain it totally free right here. In spite of everything, if it’s free you may as effectively!

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