Learn how to Summon and Defeat Moon Lord


Terraria’s last boss, the Moon Lord, will not be a simple job to take care of. This is how he’s summoned and defeated.

The Moon Lord boss is the top of development in ReLogic’s sandbox game, terraria , and is taken into account the ultimate boss of the ultimate game. Killing it grants gamers entry to the late-game ore, Luminite, used to craft highly effective gadgets. He even has a small probability to drop some highly effective weapons, just like the Meowmere, which is required to create the mighty Zenith sword.

Some gamers from terraria might have additional steering on how one can spawn Moonlord and wish to know the very best methods to defeat this boss with ease.

how one can summon

The Moon Lord could be spawned in two methods: Gamers should destroy the 4 Celestial Pillars that seem within the participant’s world in the course of the Lunar Occasion – ​​Photo voltaic, Nebula, Vortex, and Stardust. These could be destroyed in any order. The Lunar Occasion is triggered after defeating the Lunatic Cultist, reworking the participant’s world till all Pillars are defeated.

The opposite technique of summoning the Moon Lord is to make use of the Celestial Sigil, which can be utilized in any biome at any time of day. This may be crafted with 20 Nebula Shards, 20 Photo voltaic Shards, 20 Stardust Shards and 20 Vortex Shards in an Historic Manipulator crafting station.

The Moon Lord will seem roughly one minute after the ultimate Celestial Pillar has been destroyed and the standing message “Imminent Destiny Approaches…” will seem. The display will get darker and the participant’s display will flicker 5 occasions till the Moon Lord seems. Gamers might want to guarantee they’ve the very best armor and gear for his or her construct and buff potions prepared.

Getting Prepared: The Greatest Fight Builds

The best weapons for preventing the Moon Lord will clearly rely on the constructing the participant has determined to delve into. This can be a tough information on what the very best weapons and armor are for this battle, post-Lunatic Cultist, and it relies upon fully on participant choice.

Wings or a flying mount can be principally a obligatory requirement for this battle as gamers might want to dodge the Moon Lord’s assaults. The most effective wings gamers can deplete thus far embrace the Steampunk Wings.

  • magic – For Magic customers, nebula blaze it’s a good DPS weapon with sharpening impact, but it surely has a excessive mana value. It may be crafted in an Historic Manipulator with 18 Nebula Fragments. O Blizzard Workers it has a better DPS than Nebula Blaze, and a decrease Mana value and can be a viable possibility. The Specter Armor is your best option for Magic customers.
  • Physique the physique – photo voltaic flare . It has a surprisingly lengthy vary for a melee construct, permitting gamers to concurrently assault a number of Moon Lord elements for appreciable harm. It may be crafted into an Historic Manipulator utilizing 18 Photo voltaic Shards. the beetle armor is probably the most simple possibility for Melee customers, though they will additionally use a Chlorophyte Mas keo Valhalla armor set .
  • attain – O Vortex Beater is craftable in an Historic Manipulator with 18 Vortex Fragments. Offers 50-70 harm relying on ammo used. Bullets hearth rapidly however are extremely inaccurate. It is the very best weapon within the pre-Moon Lord game. Lengthy-range customers ought to use Shroomite armor though the bonuses are ineffective on this battle.
  • Summoner – Summoners are presumably the weakest class within the game. Nonetheless, the Stardust Dragon Workers is presumably the very best weapon for this battle. It summons a dragon that grows longer with every extra summon and passes via blocks dealing harm to enemies. O Stardust Dragon Workers is crafted by utilizing 18 Stardust Fragments on an Historic Manipulator. THE Spooky armor is the best choice for Summoners.

Terrain Preparations and Methods

The Moon Lord will instantly seem on prime of the participant, so it is ultimate to have an out of doors battle enviornment to keep away from any potential for getting caught. Most of his assaults can undergo blocks, so gamers must be free to maneuver round him. The Moon Lord’s default place is beneath floor, so gamers will must be within the air to assault its core later.

It is strongly recommended that gamers pre-build an extended suspension bridge, ideally off platforms, for ease of motion. They need to even have bonfires positioned evenly throughout platforms, for that all-important passive well being regeneration. As talked about earlier, gamers should even have a flying mount, just like the UFO, or some kite-equipped wings to kite round its lethal assaults.

It’s suggested for gamers to have the NPC Nurse safely positioned close by, within the occasion of an emergency the place the participant could be healed if their Well being will get critically low and so they can not heal. Beware that the Moon Lord will teleport on prime of the participant in the event that they get too far-off, 150 items to be precise.

the true battle

The Moon Lord has three eyes that must be broken, positioned on his head and palms. These eyes can solely be broken when they’re open and are immune when closed. They every have separate well being bars. Gamers are advisable to intention for the attention on the brow first. Doing so removes the potential for any Phantasmal Deathray assaults, which might destroy half an unsuspecting participant’s well being.

The Moon Lord may even try to connect a Tentacle to the participant, which turns into extra frequent after the top eye is defeated, occurring roughly each two seconds. His Tentacle assault inflicts the Moon Chew debuff. This prevents gamers from therapeutic all through the rebuffs and in addition restores the Moon Lord’s HP utilizing life-steal.

After every eye is defeated, it is going to spawn an invincible enemy, True Eyes Of Cthululu. They hearth Phantasmal Bolts on the participant, so they have to rigorously keep away from these assaults. Thankfully, True Eyes Of Cthululu stay stationary and are subsequently simply averted. As soon as its eyes have been defeated, gamers ought to nonetheless be cautious as they may flip into prickly slits that deal harm on hit.

As soon as all three eyes have been defeated, the Moon Lord’s chest/core will open, revealing a fourth well being bar for his coronary heart. As soon as this last well being bar has been depleted, gamers could have defeated the ultimate boss in terraria ! The Moon Lord’s demise will trigger the display to go blindly white, after which the rewards will rain down on the deserving participant(s)!


The desk beneath particulars all doable and assured drops when defeating the Moon Lord, together with its drop probability with a short description of the merchandise.

merchandise identify merchandise description Likelihood of fall
Lord of the Moon Trophy furnishings merchandise 10%
Meowmere mine cart Minecart – Emits a rainbow path and meows when leaping. 10%
Celebration Weapon – Fires two rockets without delay that explode, inflicting 25 harm . 11%
Mk2 celebration Gun – up to date model of the earlier entry, fires one in all seven particular rockets, no matter ammo. Trigger 40 harm. 11%
Moongate Group Merchandise Summoner – Summons a Moongate ward for two minutes 11%
Rainbow Crystal Workers Merchandise Summoner – Summons the Rainbow Crystal ward for 2 minutes. It fires coloured beams focusing on the closest enemy, inflicting 130 harm. 11%
Lunar Burst Magic Weapon – Summons three projectiles that rain down from the sky, creating small explosions on influence. Trigger 100 magic harm. 11%
Final Prism Magic Weapon – Fires six beams of sunshine that converge right into a centered beam Trigger 100 magic harm and rapidly consumes Mana at 144 Mana per second. 11%
SDMG (House Dolphin Machine Gun) Weapon – Thought-about an improve to the Megashark weapon, with a quicker hearth fee and a 50% probability of not consuming ammo. Trigger 85 harm. 11%
Wrath of the Stars Sword – Causes three pink star projectiles to fall from the sky at any time when it’s swung. The sword itself causes 110 harm and star projectiles double that with 220 harm . 11%
terrarian Yoyo – Has a variety of 25 tiles and infinite spin time, staying within the air indefinitely. Trigger 190 physique harm melee with 6.5 repulsion. 11%
meow Sword – An auto-swinging sword, firing a projectile within the form of a cat’s head adopted by a rainbow. The projectile bounces off the blocks, emitting an explosion. Creates a meowing sound when used. Trigger 200 melee harm. 11%
Moon Lord’s Masks self-importance merchandise 14%
Portal Weapon Creates two linked portals. It has a most vary of 675 blocks. 100%
luminite An ore dropped solely by the Moon Lord in stacks of 70-90, used to craft numerous endgame gadgets. 100%
Higher Therapeutic Potion Potion – restores 150 Well being instantly upon consumption. Dropped in piles of 5-15. 100%
Tremendous Potion of Therapeutic Potion – restores 200 Well being instantly upon consumption. Dropped in piles of 5-15. 100%

terraria is on the market to play on units PRAÇA, Nintendo change, Xbox one, PlayStation 4, iOS and android.

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