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With the Meta Quest 2 and Ps’s upcoming PSVR 2, it seems like we’re lastly reaching a tipping level in digital actuality gaming. Headset constancy and movement monitoring really feel sharp and targeted, and video games are rising bigger, sporting longer runtimes, and feeling extra strong. With the discharge of Marvel’s Iron Man VR on the Meta Quest 2 (it was initially launched on PSVR), we’re seeing the fruits of these labors firsthand. However does the Meta Quest 2 do justice to the story of Tony Stark his super-suit? And does flying round and blasting foes as Iron Man really feel satisfying within the VR house? Learn on to search out out!

Will you don the go well with and assist your previous pal Nick Fury when his helicarrier comes beneath assault?

The story of Marvel’s Iron Man VR blessedly wastes no time with our goateed hero’s origin story (although we’ll go to his origins later within the game). As an alternative, we soar proper into the motion, with Tony Stark giving a type of TED-Speak to a crowd about his resolution to cease manufacturing weapons of warfare, and the difficulty that quickly adopted. Not lengthy after he publicizes that Stark Industries will not make military-grade weapons, his personal jet is hacked and attacked by Stark Drones! Suiting up as Tony in his Iron Man gear after a short prologue the place you be taught the fundamental controls, you will have to save lots of Pepper Potts from the crashing jet and fend off waves of drones.

From right here, the plot goes surprisingly deep for a VR game, as an excellent hacker named Ghost makes an attempt to kill Stark and present the world the harm wrought by Stark Industries’ weaponry. To assist face this menace, Stark decides to reactivate The Gunsmith, an AI program Tony designed to match his character and assist him with the creation of his weapons. Because the game goes on, Gunsmith’s ego and lust for energy and destruction develop within the background whereas Ghost’s hacking, exhausting gentle expertise, and armed forces of stolen and repurposed Stark drones assault within the foreground.

Marvel Iron Man VR Meta Quest 2 screenshot featuring Iron Man battling drones in Shanghai.
Let the lasers fly in Shanghai!

You may journey to Malibu, New York, Shanghai, a S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier, rocky canyons, and even a really particular collapse Afghanistan in your quest to unmask Ghost and cease her nefarious plans. I actually felt engaged in and engrossed by the story, and appreciated the robust questions it asks about our love of weapons and the influence that has on the broader world.

However what does it really feel prefer to be Iron Man in digital actuality? That is the true query, and the place this game actually shines like no different I’ve but skilled in VR. To fly round within the Iron Man go well with, you place the Meta Quest 2 controllers in order that your palms are dealing with down earlier than holding down the set off buttons on the controller. This boosts you up within the air by way of your hand rockets, and the slightest actions of your palms management the way you fly. Need to velocity ahead? Arms behind you, palms out. Have to dodge to the proper or left? Transfer your arms that approach and your go well with follows. I discovered this difficult to grasp within the prologue and opening chapters, however solely as a result of it was virtually too intuitive. I stored overthinking how I ought to place my palms, however as I settled into chapter three, it clicked and the plain thought lastly dawned on me: How would Iron Man transfer to get away from this laser blast? As soon as I let go and gave in to this bodily Iron Man logic, I used to be hovering, swirling, and rocketing towards my enemies.

Firing weapons within the game is equally straightforward to grasp. If you happen to maintain your palm out with the controller and press the assault button, you will fireplace blasts of vitality out of your palms. If you wish to use particular rockets, you maintain your arm out, palm down, and the munitions launch out of your forearm. You’ll be able to even use your highly effective unibeam, which you cost by destroying drones and fireplace as a stream of vitality blasting out of your chest. After which there’s the punching and Iron Man’s signature floor pound, which you obtain by clenching your fists and swinging wildly (be sure you preserve an in depth eye in your Meta Quest room-scale boundaries, otherwise you’re liable to punch your TV!).

Marvel Iron Man VR Meta Quest 2 featuring the Mark 1 Iron Man armor
Not all journeys down reminiscence lane are cheerful.

Together with the ten core missions of the game (plus a prologue and quick epilogue), you may also embark on a number of flight assessments across the globe, the place you will attempt to navigate to hit targets in a time trial. Every mission, and the flight assessments, earn you “analysis factors” relying on how nicely you full them, which you need to use to customise your loadout with totally different weapon choices and go well with upgrades. You’ll be able to enhance your velocity, swap out homing missiles for scattershot missiles, and extra. There’s even a full suite of coloration choices to customise in your go well with, which is unlocked not with analysis factors however by finishing standing goals throughout the game. It is extra customization than I used to be anticipating from Iron Man VR, as many VR video games I’ve performed are rather more simple with little to do past working via the story of the game.

The lengthy load occasions that slowed down the PSVR launch have been considerably lowered, with little quite a lot of seconds spent on a loading display screen in between main chapters. There have been some buggy moments all through that break the immersion after they crop up — each from time to time Tony’s arm will flail and jerk grotesquely, particularly when not in his go well with within the “stroll round your Malibu dwelling” elements of the game. However they had been few and much between. Possibly I am simply dangerous at VR, however I discovered the “regular” problem setting to be a bit tougher than I used to be anticipating, and I can not think about what it should play like at more durable difficulties.

Marvel Iron Man VR Meta Quest 2 screenshot featuring drones attacking
Tony Stark constructed numerous drones in his warmongering days, now he is gotta clear them up!

Visually, the game is attractive when seen from a distance. Staring down a red-rock canyon or watching as a helicarrier glides via the air is breathtaking, however the up-close moments lose a little bit of constancy. Up shut, the character fashions are designed to look extra comic-book model vs. photorealistic, which is a brilliant selection, however a lot of the setting round you has been rendered to look actual… and it does not all the time hit the mark. Whereas it is enjoyable to choose up an apple and take a chunk, it is exhausting to shake the sensation that you’ve got simply chomped right into a wax apple.

Iron Man VR Assessment | Verdict

Any quibbles I’ve with immersion-breaking moments are fully outweighed by the truth that it’s, actually, a pleasure to fly round and shoot vitality blasts as Iron Man. Marvel’s Iron Man VR completely nails a very powerful level of an Iron Man game in digital actuality: you fly utilizing your palms and shoot enemies with rockets and beams whereas spouting off (principally) witty one-liners to the allies in your headset. With a narrative deeper than it wanted to be that explores the toll of warfare and warfare profiteering, and a really wholesome runtime (it took me about 7 hours to finish the game, and I did not 5-star all of the chapters and flight assessments), Marvel’s Iron Man VR on Meta Quest 2 is a triumph of the style. Even should you’re not an enormous fan of Marvel films or Iron Man, the gameplay is so satisfying and the expertise so thrilling that this game actually deserves your time and a spotlight.

TechRaptor reviewed Marvel’s Iron Man VR on Meta Quest 2 with a code offered by the writer. The game can be out there on PlayStation VR.

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