Meryl Tower of Fantasy information: Construct, matrices and groups


The simulacrum of Meryl in Tower of Fantasy offers you entry to the Rose Blade. This SSR weaponof frost and tusk sorthas a excessive fracture fee, making it an excellent protect breaker. The claymore can even be capable of inflict nice harm, and even generate a protect as soon as its constellations have risen. Because of our recommendation, you’ll know which matrices to decide on to assign the finest constructbut additionally during which groups to play it.

The Rose Blade is a SSR weapon. You possibly can unlock Meryl in Tower of Fantasy by performing invocations on the everlasting banner with gold nucleus or some Darkish nuclei. You too can have Meryl on a everlasting banner for those who lose a 50/50.

When you already personal the Blade of the Rose, you may straight purchase one other copy in alternate for 120 Black gold.

Lastly, some world boss comparable to Robarg, Sobek, Lucia or Apophis could make you loot Meryl.

Meryl is a defensive sort character, however it’s nonetheless significantly offensive. Particularly, she’s going to be capable of break enemy shields due to her Fracture rating of 12. Then again, she’s going to battle to cost final assaults together with her Recharge rating of 4.

We advocate that you simply primarily use Meryl in Tower of Fantasy to break the shields. Additionally, you will be capable of decelerate the enemy and freeze them. As soon as that is completed, change to a DPS.

Meryl's normal attack in Tower of Fantasy

The Rose Blade regular assaults have a low harm multiplier and are fairly gradual. To successfully break shields, favor them charged assaults or some diving assaults. With it, you’ll get pleasure from a multiplier of as much as 600% harm relying on the gap you fall.

Meryl's skill in Tower of Fantasy

However it’s above all with competence Blizzard that you’ll trigger the utmost harm. You may ship blades of frost ahead with Meryl’s claymore.

Every time you hit the enemy, harm is elevated by 5%. However that is not all, for the reason that talent makes you immune to regulate results. Nonetheless, it takes 45 seconds to recharge.

Discharge of Meryl in Tower of Fantasy

frost barrier, Rose Blade’s blast, removes all situations you’re taking and Meryl smashes the bottom to create a frost barrier for five seconds. This offers 503.2% ATK + 1586 harm to close by enemies (at degree 11). Enemies are then suspended and have their pace diminished by 50%. They will now not dodge or soar.

As a bonus, the discharge freezes enemies for two seconds, freezes them for six seconds and reduces their weapon recharge fee by 50% (which is especially helpful in PvP). When you break the ice shell, you’ll deal further harm.

Briefly, to play effectively Meryl in Tower of Fantasy, deploy it at any time when it’s essential break shields. Launch his elemental talent as quickly as doable after which chain the charging and diving assaults.

Constellations of Meryl in Tower of Fantasy

The first constellation of Meryl in Tower of Fantasy seems to be nearly important. It will increase the Fracture fee by 15%, bringing it to 13.8. As a bonus, the Rose Blade will restore 10% of your HP after breaking a protect.

With the C2HP development can be elevated by 16%, then 32% in C4. As soon as the C3 unlocked, you’ll profit from a protect value 10% of your max HP if you change to Meryl’s weapon. It lasts for 10 seconds and takes 20 seconds to recharge.

Meryl's progress in Tower of Fantasy

Because of the fifth constellation of Meryl in Tower of Fantasythe harm in addition to the flexibility to fracture can be elevated by 50% when the protect is lively.

Lastly, with 6 stars, switching to this weapon will grant a ice protect equal to twenty% of max HP. This makes you immune to regulate results.

Allow Meryl’s Awakening in ToF

We don’t advocate that you simply allowawakening of Meryl in Tower of Fantasy. This passive contemporary rose, seems to be fairly occasional and can primarily be used to counter freeze-type harm which is diminished by 20% on the 1200 level degree and diminished by 25% on the 4000 level degree. It should additionally make you proof against the Frost impact and cut back the period of the Frozen impact by 50%. As an alternative, save your presents for different Simulacrums.

Awakening Meryl in Tower of Fantasy

When you nonetheless wish to enhance Meryl’s awakening in Tower of Fantasy, guess on the warren fossil which is able to grant you 80 awakening factors. She can even respect the snow globes, 3D puzzles of Hykros, Crown tokens, Smarty Dolls the place the angel of nothingness collectible figurines. These things are value 60 factors every.

Which Matrices to equip on Meryl to have the very best construct?

As with all protect breakers, it’s endorsed that you simply equip 2 King dies and 2 Shiro Dies on Meryl in ToF. King’s set will grant an 8%/10%/12%/14% bonus harm (relying in your matrix degree) for 25 seconds if you break a protect. Shiro’s set will enhance harm and Fracture by 15%/19%/22.5%/26% on enemies above 50% HP.

Meryl's Matrix

You too can take into account the Meryl 4-piece set. The primary passive grants you a protect equal to twenty%/26%/32%/40% of your max HP when your HP is under 30%. And with 4 items, the harm of Tourbillon (charged assault) are elevated by 36%/45%/54%/63% and regenerate HP for 30%/38%/44%/50% of injury dealt.

Robarg matrix

If you have no of those SSR dies, you may go on the 3-piece set from Robarg. After breaking an enemy’s protect, the enemy can be poisoned and take 45%/56%/67.5% harm each second for 10 seconds.

Weapon improve supplies for Meryl in ToF

Materials needed to build Meryl's weapon in ToF

To mount the Rose BladeMeryl’s weapon in Tower of Fantasy, farm the next supplies:

  • Cryocores and Hearts of Ice (collected from frost ores within the open world);
  • Nanocoating I and II;
  • Amplification frames I and II.

You’re going to get these assets by finishing dungeons ofInterstellar explorationof the Dimensional checksby placing a Omniferous basein password chests or by buying them within the weapon store.

During which groups to play Meryl’s sword?

The Blade of the Rose, Meryl’s weapon in Tower of Fantasy, can be more practical for those who mix it with Frigg. His weapon makes you make the most of the frost resonance for those who play no less than two weapons of this kind. This then will increase Frost’s ATK by 15%.

Meryl in Tower of Fantasy: Frost Resonance

And on prime of that, the fracture skill of Frost-type weapons is elevated by 25% when attacking in Frigg’s Frost Area. Then add Tsubasa to your crew. She’s going to be capable of grant you a harm buff of as much as 15% for 15 seconds as soon as her first constellation is activated.

If you do not have it, go for Coconut, which can have the benefit of producing therapeutic. You too can go for samir simply to do extra harm.

Meryl in Tower of Fantasy: Fortitude Weapon Resonance

However for those who play in multiplayer, you too can kind a crew with two defensive weapons in an effort to activate the fortitude weapon resonance. This will increase harm discount by 25%, Fracture by 60% and aggro by 800%. And in a bunch, the harm discount can be elevated by a further 20%.

To compose such a crew, you may play Meryl in Tower of Fantasy with Huma The place Enethen full with a supporting Simulacrum comparable to Nemesis, Coconut The place Zero.

Image of Meryl in Tower of Fantasy

That is all for this information devoted to Meryl from Tower of Fantasy. We hope our suggestions and methods will allow you to higher grasp the Blade of the Rose and equip it effectively. Briefly, Meryl’s claymore is good for breaking shields whereas dealing good harm. It should additionally match into nearly any crew.

In distinction, Meryl in Tower of Fantasy is extremely depending on her first constellation and can want its third constellation to generate shields. As well as, his assaults are fairly gradual and his finest abilities take a very long time to recharge.

To deal most harm in Tower of Fantasy, additionally, you will have to improve your gear. Uncover learn how to enhance your efficiency in our devoted information, in addition to the very best simulacra in our tier listing.

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