Nahida Genshin Impression Information: Construct, Weapons and Artifacts


Nahida in Genshin Impression is theArchon of Sumeru. Barely out, the5 star heroine Dendro is already shaking up the Genshin Impression meta by establishing herself as top-of-the-line characters within the game. She excels at creating elemental reactions due to her wonderful Dendro app. Along with that, the Rani Kusanali will have the ability to deal superb injury and enhance your workforce’s elemental mastery. However to benefit from its full potential, it is advisable to assign it a construct satisfactory. Due to the guidelines and methods of this informationyou’ll know which artifacts and weapons to equip on Nahida in Genshin Impression.

You cannot unlock Nahida in Genshin Impression solely when featured in an Occasion Banner.

Nahida Banner in Genshin Impression

The Rani Kusanali was launched on November 2, 2022. You’ll be able to try and summon Nahida on the banner Moongrass Tear till November 18 at 5 p.m.

The constellations of Nahida

Nahida can completely be performed with none of her constellations. However in case you just like the character and need to make it even stronger, the trick is to decide particularly for C2 Root of all fullness.

Nahida Constellations in Genshin Impact

It considerably will increase the elemental response injury carried out by Nahida’s elemental assault. Along with this, if the enemy suffers a Stimulation, Overstimulation or Unfold response, its protection will lower by 30%.

You’ll then additionally profit from the C1 Seed of saved data. This doubles the bonuses granted by Nahida’s elemental unleash.

Nahida gameplay in Genshin Impact

Nahida in Genshin Impression shines in assist and sub-DPS roles. She is at the moment the greatest character Dendro from Genshin Impression and can will let you very simply set off elemental reactions associated to the Dendro. Particularly since Nahida fights with a catalyst and performs regular Dendro assaults on this manner.

Nahida's Normal Attack Stats at Level 8

However it’s principally his elemental assault Omniscience of the planes which pursuits us. With it, Nahida initiatives karmic bonds round her and marks enemies hit with a skandha seed.

For 25 seconds, the targets will likely be linked to one another. Nahida will set off a trikarmic cleaning dealing Dendro injury when performing elemental reactions. You’ll be able to hit as much as 8 enemies on the similar time.

And in case you launch the assault with a protracted press, you’ll activate the purpose mode. All you need to do is spin round on your self to mark all of the enemies round you.

Nahida's Elemental Attack Stats at Level 8

You’ll be able to due to this fact go on different characters ideally Electro, Pyro or Hydro to make elementary reactions.

However Nahida’s gameplay in Genshin Impression does not cease there. Whether or not Illusionary Coronary hearthis elemental rampage, does no injury and doesn’t apply the Dendro ingredient, it grants buffs to Nahida’s elemental means primarily based on the characters you play in your workforce. Ideally, we advise you to forged it earlier than marking your enemies with Nahida’s elemental means.

By choosing a pyro hero in Nahida’s workforce, you’ll improve the injury of trikarmic purification. With a Electro character, you’ll scale back the set off interval between every trikarmic purification. Lastly, by enjoying at the very least one hydro characteryou’ll prolong the period of the Maya Shrine summoned by the Elemental Unleash.

Nahida's Elemental Unleash Stats at Level 8

As a bonus, due to the passive Enlightened CompassionIllusionary Coronary heart will increase the Elemental Mastery of the energetic character by 25% of the Elemental Mastery of the character on the workforce with probably the most (as much as 250 factors).

We suggest that you just stage up theNahida’s elemental assault in Genshin Impressionthen her elemental rampage, and eventually her regular assault if you wish to play her as a DPS.

What’s the greatest gear for Nahida in Genshin Impression?

For Nahida to profit from one of the best construct in Genshin Impression, the trick is to hunt primarily to extend his elementary mastery. It will enhance the injury of elemental reactions and the injury inflicted by trikarmic purification due to the passive Awakening elucidated.

For every level of Elemental Mastery Nahida possesses above 200 factors, DMG inflicted by Trikarmic Purification is boosted by 0.1% (as much as 80%) and CRIT Charge by 0.03% (as much as 24%). Ideally, purpose for a elemental mastery rating between 800 and 1000 factors.

For these functions, we disclose to you the greatest artifacts and weapons to equip on Nahida in Genshin Impression.

The very best artifacts for Nahida

Best artifact set for Nahida in Genshin Impact: Memory of the Forest
forest reminiscence

the greatest set of artifacts to equip on Nahida in Genshin Impression is the 4-piece set forest reminiscence. With 2 items, you get a 15% bonus Dendro injury. The 4-piece impact will scale back enemies’ Dendro resistance by 30% for 8 seconds when an elemental talent hits an enemy.

Nahida Artifact in Genshin Impact: Golden Dream
golden dream

However if you’re enjoying Nahida with a personality who already has this set, our recommendation is to start out with the 4-piece set golden dream. This artifact set boosts elemental mastery by 80 factors.

With the 4-piece bonus, triggering an elemental response will increase ATK by 14% for 8 seconds for every member of the identical elemental kind because the outfitted character (Dendro on this case) and the elementary mastery 50 factors for every member of a distinct elemental kind.

When unsure, choose artifacts with one of the best stats:

  • hourglass : primary mastery;
  • Chopped off : elemental mastery or Dendro injury bonus;
  • Crown : elemental mastery or crucial price or crucial injury.

The order of priority for secondary stats:

  • Elemental mastery;
  • CRIT price;
  • Essential injury;
  • ATK% and ATK;
  • Power recharge.

The very best weapons to equip on Nahida in Genshin Impression

To excellent theNahida’s tools in Genshin Impressionwe suggest weapons that improve elemental mastery comparable to:

  • A thousand floating desires : That is one of the best weapon for Nahida. She’s going to grant him a big elemental mastery bonus. The passive may even enhance the fundamental mastery of different characters within the workforce;
  • wandering night star : The passive will increase the ATK of the outfitted character by 24% of their elemental mastery for 12 seconds. The opposite members of your workforce profit from 30% of this bonus;
  • information to magic : actually free-to-play oriented, this 3-star weapon additionally embodies an excellent possibility. It’s going to enhance Nahida’s Elemental Mastery, whereas rising the injury dealt to enemies affected by Hydro and Electro.
  • L’Atlas of lands and seas : triggering an elemental response grants an elemental injury bonus for 8 seconds;
  • Reminiscences of rituals : elemental abilities have an opportunity to reset their cooldown;
  • The Wandering Motion : The weapon will increase the crucial price and its passive triggers a random melody for 10 seconds when the character is deployed. It will possibly improve ATK by 60%, elemental injury by 48%, or elemental mastery by 240.

Nahida’s Ascension and Skills Supplies in Genshin Impression

For increase Nahida to stage 90 in Genshin Impressionyou have to:

  • 168 Kalpalotus : you can find some within the mountains of Sumeru. Find them straight with the interactive map of Teyvat ;
  • 18 Fungus Spores30 Fluorescent Pollens and 36 Sporangium crystal mud. You can find them on the Fungus (additionally, you will want it for abilities);
  • 1 shard, 9 fragments, 9 items and 6 nagadus emerald stones and 46 Vines of Obliteration that you’ll get by dealing with theDendro hypostasis.

And to extend Nahida’s talents:

  • Of the Teachings of Ingenuityof the Ingenuity Guides and Philosophies of Ingenuity. You’ll be able to loot these things on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday within the dungeon Tower of Ignorance ;
  • Of the puppet son which you’ll get by defeating the weekly boss Shouki no Kami, the prodigy.

Wherein groups to play Nahida?

Nahida is a significantly versatile character. You’ll be able to play it in any workforce primarily based on elemental reactions linked to the Dendro ingredient. She is at the moment the greatest dendro applicator. It’s going to thus be way more efficient on this position than collei the place the Traveler Dendro.

Among the many greatest groups with Nahida we advise you:

Nahida / Nilou / Xingqiu The place Yelan / Kokomi The place Barbara : Nahida is right for creating Dendro seeds involved with Hydro. You’ll be able to thus play it with Nilou to extend the injury of the Dendro seeds, then Kokomi or Barbara for the therapeutic in addition to one other Hydro character comparable to Yelan or Xingqiu.

You too can wager on theExuberance by exploding the Dendro seeds utilizing an Electro DPS like Cyno, Keqing The place Raiden.

From greatest Exuberance groups we additionally discover Nahida / Xingqiu / shinobu / Kazuha The place Sucrose.

Likewise, you possibly can burn the seeds by including a Pyro character in a workforce composed of Nahida / Xingqiu / Xiangling / Bennett or Nahida / Ayato / Thomas / Zhongli.

By enjoying Nahida with Electro characters, you’ll enhance their injury due to the response Overactivation (Dendro + Electro). We significantly suggest the Nahida workforce / Fischl / Yae Miko The place Beidou / Kazuha or Zhongli. You too can change Fishl with Shinobu to get therapeutic.

How outdated and tall is Nahida from Genshin Impression?

Nahida is the present Archon Dendro, the Rani Kusanali. She succeeds former Archon Dendro, the Molrani Rukkhadevata. However regardless that Nahida is at the moment agedabout 500 years outdatedshe stays very younger for an archon and struggles to claim herself as such, particularly due to the sages of Sumeru.

Nahida's profile in Genshin Impact

By way of dimension, she is likely one of the smallest characters in Genshin Impression from the highest of her 1m38however it’s not to be taken frivolously.

Image of Nahida in Genshin Impact

That is it for this information to Nahida from Genshin Impression, the archon Dendro. You now know the best way to unlock Nahida, but in addition equip her along with her greatest construct. It’s at the moment the greatest character Dendro, she’s going to wreak havoc within the abyss. The character has the benefit of very simply making use of theDendro ingredient, to spice up your different characters, whereas doing good injury. All these qualities make it very versatile.

And as well as, you should utilize theNahida’s elemental assault in aiming mode to choose up crops from a distance and thus facilitate their assortment. And if you wish to uncover different character guides and suggestions for composing their greatest construct, head to our web page Genshin Impression cheats.

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