NES’s The Legend of Zelda in VR is out of this world


The primary title of the franchise Zelda was launched in 1986 for the NES and was already spectacular attributable to its completely different proposal with the enduring Hyperlink. Now this true traditional has been reimagined for VR gadgets.

Utilizing QuestZDoom, a modified Doom engine suitable with VR gadgets, youtuber sugary noe revealed a video through which he performs a modified model of The Legend of Zelda. The consequence, which might be seen under, is spectacular for being very trustworthy to what was seen on the NES whereas additionally having a couple of touches of originality.

Whereas just about all the pieces is in 3D, the title’s sprites are simply recognizable, as they’ve simply had their textures barely altered to make them much less pixelated. One of many highlights of the video, extra particularly at two minutes, is when getting into a cave and dealing with skeletons.


Youtuber didn’t create Zelda mod

Upon gaining lots of consideration on the web with the publication of the video, Sugary Noe quickly tried to make clear that he was not liable for creating the mod. Moreover, he additionally confirmed that the gadget used to play the game was an Oculus Quest 2.

The mod that seems within the video might be the legend of doom, which might be performed with the GZDoom engine. The identical, in addition to the mod seen within the video, recreates The Legend of Zelda, from the NES, with the Doom engine whereas making an attempt to maintain the journey virtually similar in one other perspective.

Through: techspot

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