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After a patch 12.18 got here to roughly appropriate the arrival of set 7.5, Riot Video games refines the balancing of the meta with the TFT patch 12.19. Let’s uncover collectively all of the adjustments of this replace with many buffs, nerfs and changes on champions, traits, augments and gadgets. Once more, it is the dragons which can be the main target of those adjustments, each for models and trait.

TFT patch 12.19: trait adjustments

Let’s begin the adjustments of this TFT patch 12.19 with the traces. We primarily notice the Dracomancer buff and the Scalebreaker Reworkwhich might now be performed with Dragons, whereas Cosmic models will likely be much less simply obtained from orbs.

Trait buffs

The trait nerves

Line changes

Options Patch 12.19 TFT trait changes
Scalescorn Line TFT Icon
Scalebreaker champions can now be performed with Dragons whereas retaining their trait bonuses. Injury discount bonus lowered from 20% to fifteen%, and injury discount bonus from 15/50/100% to fifteen/50/90%.

TFT patch 12.19: champion adjustments

On the facet of the champions within the TFT patch 12.19we notice particularly that Zeri and several other Dragons are buffed, Seraphina undergoes a significant nerf, whereas Jayce and Nilah profit from a rework.

Champion buffs

The nerves of champions

Champion Changes

TFT patch 12.19: adjustments to Augments

The will increase additionally endure some changes with the TFT patch 12.19. Essentially the most impactful adjustments are most likely the rise within the period of the bonus of Photo voltaic Tray and the passing of the Augments Imaginative and prescient of the long run and Pandora Bench from Gold to Silver tier.

Increase buffs

Augments nerfs

will increase Patch 12.19 TFT Increase nerfs
Celestial Blessing 3 Augment Icon
heavenly blessing
Defend lowered from 300/450/600 to 250/250/450.
Base Camp TFT Icon
Base camp
Injury per hit bonus elevated from 8% to 7%.

Increase Changes

TFT patch 12.19: merchandise adjustments

To finish with the TFT patch 12.19 adjustmentsonly a few gadgets are involved with solely a buff of the Gargoyle Lithoplastron and two nerves Protector’s Vow and Ornn’s merchandise Powered Fist.

Merchandise buffs

Gadgets Patch 12.19 TFT Merchandise Buffs
Gargoyle Stoneplate TFT Items Icon
Gargoyle Lithoplastron
The regeneration bonus will increase from 1% to 2% of HP.

The nerves of things

Gadgets Patch 12.19 TFT merchandise nerfs
Rocket-Propelled Fist TFT Icon
Powered Fist
HP bonus lowered from 300 to 150.
Protector's Vow TFT Icon
Protector’s Vow
Defend lowered from 20% to 10% HP.

That is all for the TFT patch 12.19 adjustments. It’s hoped that these changes will reach eliminating sure abusive compositions, even when they merely threat being changed by others. Specifically, we will anticipate new compositions with the Dragons and the Scalebreakers, now in a position to workforce up whereas retaining their bonuses. And to remain progressing within the game, go to our web page TFT methods to reap the benefits of our recommendation and suggestions.

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