Nilou Genshin Impression Information: Construct, Weapons and Artifacts


Nilou in Genshin Impression is a 5 star character Hydro atypical to say the least. It’s primarily performed with Dendro characters to create Flowering reactions. Very best for multitargeting, it would inflict heavy harm, together with within the abyss. However for that, it’s a must to meet particular situations and equip it properly. We clarify to you on this full information easy methods to assign the greatest construct to Nilou in Genshin Impression. Due to our ideas and tips, you’ll know which artifacts and weapons equip it, in addition to which groups to play it on.

You can’t unlock Nilou in Genshin Impression that when she takes benefit of a spotlight in a Occasion banner.

Banner of Nilou

Nilou was launched in Genshin Impression on October 14, 2022. You’ll now have to attend for a rerun to have the ability to unlock Nilou if you do not have it but or to mount its constellations.

Constellations of Nilou

Constellations of Nilou in Genshin Impact

Nilou excels even with none of his Constellations in Genshin Impression. However after all you can also make it much more highly effective. We predict particularly of its C2 Starry Sky Flower Rain which lowers enemies’ Hydro and Dendro resistance by 35% for 10 seconds.

Nilou in Genshin Impression is a sub-DPS atypical whose curiosity is especially based mostly on its liabilities. They provide him a distinctive gameplay.

Nilou’s passives

Due to the passive Courtroom of Dancing Petalsin the event you solely play Hydro and Dendro heroes in your group, all of your characters will profit from the impact golden chalice after Nilou casts her elemental means.

Your heroes’ elemental mastery can be boosted by 100 factors for 10 seconds in the event that they obtain Dendro harm. However above all, you’ll generate nuclei of abundance with the reactions of Flowering (Hydro and Dendro) brought on by Nilou’s elemental means. These cores explode a lot quicker than common Dendro cores and have a bigger affect space.

Gameplay of Nilou in Genshin Impact

And due to the passive Dream Dance of the Aeonseach 1000 Nilou’s HP above 30,000 HP will increase Abundance Core harm by 9% (as much as a most of 400%).

On this method, you’ll trigger monumental harm just by creating Abundance Cores. This combo is right for injuring as many enemies as potential on the similar time.

Nilou’s Talents

To create Abundance Cores, you should set off the whirlwind dance with Nilou’s elemental assault: Dance of the haftkarsvars. Certainly, it has a number of postures. After casting it, your regular assaults can be infused with Hydro and can do extra harm.

However it isn’t this motion that pursuits us. To have the ability to create nuclei of abundance, carry out Nilou’s elemental assault 3 times in Genshin Impression till a water wheel surrounds him. This can inflict space Hydro harm and tempered state to enemies inside vary. Then you definately simply have to use the Dendro factor to your enemies to materialize abundance cores and see them explode.

Nilou's Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact

For a really perfect rotation, begin by materializing the Nilou’s water wheel in Genshin Impression with its elemental assault, apply Dendro on all of your enemies, then assault with Hydro or Dendro characters to multiply the reactions. Your opponents will then drop like flies.

As a bonus, you do not really want to degree up Nilou’s skills because it’s largely his passives that matter.

Nilou may also be performed as DPS-Hydro extra basic to use the Hydro in a group with characters aside from Dendro and Hydro, however it will likely be much less attention-grabbing thanAyato, Yelan The place Xingqiu on this position.

Nilou's Elemental Rampage in Genshin Impact

Nilou’s Elemental Unleashing, Abzendegi Dance: Stream of Distant Goals may inflict extra harm, however is dispensable.

What’s the greatest gear for Nilou in Genshin Impression?

As we clarify to you within the half Nilou gameplayit’s with its nuclei of abundance she does probably the most harm. For these functions, the trick is to extend Nilou’s HP as a lot as potential. Additionally degree up his Elemental Mastery to do extra harm with Dendro elemental reactions.

On this information, we reveal the greatest artifacts and weapons to equip on Nilou in Genshin Impression to get pleasure from an optimum construct.

The most effective artifacts to equip on Nilou in Genshin Impression

The most effective artifact choice for Nilou in Genshin Impression consists of mixing two units of apparatus:

  • The two-piece set of apparatus Millelith Tenacity to extend HP by 20%;
  • 2 items of units wandering band The place golden dream to extend Elemental Mastery by 80 factors.
Artifact for Nilou: Soul of the Deep
soul of the depths

You too can go for 2 items of the artifact set soul of the depths if you wish to play Nilou as DPS. It grants a 15% Hydro harm bonus.

Artifact for Nilou: Instructor

And in the event you’re new to Genshin Impression, the artifact set Teacher embodies an accurate choice. With 2 items, you enhance elemental mastery by 80 factors and with 4, triggering an elemental response will improve the fundamental mastery of all of your group members by 120 factors for 8 seconds.

For the principal statistics, all the time go for PV. As to secondary statisticschoose artifacts with most HP, elemental mastery, crucial fee, crucial harm or power recharge.

The most effective weapons for Nilou

To good theNilou’s tools in Genshin Impression, we advocate weapons that improve his HP or his elemental mastery. Want one-handed swords that grant buffs to different members of your group.

Best weapon for Nilou: Key of Khaj-Nisut
Key of Khaj-Nisut (5★)

The Key of Khaj-Nisut is undoubtedly the greatest weapon to equip on Nilou in Genshin Impression. It enormously will increase the HP and may enhance the fundamental mastery of the outfitted character in addition to that of the opposite members of your group.

But when you do not have Nilou’s signature weapon, different choices are potential:

Weapon for Nilou: Oath of Freedom
Oath of Freedom (5★)
Weapon for Nilou: Moonlight of Xiphos
Xiphos Moonlight (4★)
  • The Oath of Freedom : the one-handed sword will increase the fundamental mastery and boosts the harm of your group;
  • The Moonlight of Xiphos : the weapon additionally will increase the fundamental mastery in addition to the power recharge of the outfitted character and that of the opposite members of your group.

You too can forge excellent weapons on the blacksmith:

Weapon for Nilou: Iron Sting (4★)
Iron Sting (4★)
Weapon for Nilou: Sapwood Blade
Sapwood blade (4★)
  • The iron sting : its secondary stat will increase elemental mastery and with its passive triggering elemental reactions will increase the harm inflicted on enemies;
  • The sapwood blade : This one-handed sword will increase power recharge and generates a consciousness leaf after performing an elemental response associated to the Dendro. The character who picks it up has their elemental mastery elevated by 60 factors for 12 seconds.
Weapon for Nilou: Primal Jade Cutter
Primal Jade Cutter (4★)

Lastly, if you wish to play Nilou as a DPS, we advocate the Primal Jade Cutter in your construct. The sword will increase crucial fee and HP, whereas granting bonus ATK based mostly on max HP.

Nilou’s Ascension and Perk Supplies in Genshin Impression

If you need degree up Nilou to degree 90 in Genshin Impression with the suitable construct, you’ll need to reap the next assets:

  • 1 Shard, 9 Fragments, 9 Items and 6 Stones of lazurite varunada in addition to 46 Perpetual Calibers that you just get on the cataclysmic dragon ;
  • 168 Padisachidae : these flowers largely develop in areas of Sumeru with buildings. Find them immediately with the interactive map of Teyvat ;
  • 18 Fungus Spores30 Fluorescent Pollens and 36 Sporangium crystal mud. You will discover them on the Fungus (additionally, you will want it for abilities);

And for improve Nilou’s skills :

  • Classes from Use, Consumer Guides and Philosophy of Use. This stuff can be found on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday within the dungeon Tower of Ignorance ;
  • Tears of the Calamitous Deity (from degree 7): you’re going to get some by going through Narukami no Mikoto the Destroyer.

Wherein group to play Nilou in Genshin Impression?

Whether or not Nilou in Genshin Impression may be performed on any group that wants a Hydro applicator, it is particularly on groups completely made up of Dendro and Hydro characters that it’s going to shine probably the most.

At present, the greatest group to play Nilou in Genshin Impression is nilou / Nahida / Yelan The place Xingqiu / Kokomi The place Barbara. Our recommendation is to decide on Nahida, which alone is sufficient to apply the Dendro factor. You may go for 2 Hydro characters to finish your group.

Xingqiu and Yelan will deal good harm whereas Kokomi will serve to heal along with making use of Hydro. It’s important to play a healer with Nilou as Abundance Cores deal harm to your characters after they explode.

But when you do not have Nahida, you may also play Nilou with collei and the Traveler Dendro along with Kokomi or Barbara for the care. As well as, to carry out with Nilou, we advocate that you just climb as a lot as potential elementary mastery of the characters you play with it.

How outdated and tall is Nilou from Genshin Impression?

Nilou's profile in Genshin Impact

Nilou is a dancer from the Zubayr Theater based mostly in Sumeru. Relatively younger, she was born on December 3 and may have between 15 and 17 years outdated. The younger lady is about 1m61.

Image of Nilou in Genshin Impact

That is all for this information devoted to Nilou from Genshin Impression. We hope that our ideas and tips have given you a greater understanding of its gameplay. In abstract, it is a area of interest character that solely works in a really restricted variety of groups. Nonetheless, in the event you play it with Hydro characters and Dendroyou’ll do monumental harm in multitarget, together with within the abyss.

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