One of the best decks of the TCG Genshin Affect, the Summon of the Seven


You begin or need to develop into stronger atSummoning of the Seven, the Genshin Affect card game? That is good, we assist you to on this full information to compose your deck. You’ll know due to our suggestions and tips that are probably the most environment friendly combos and the finest decks in Genshin Affect TCG to win as many video games as potential, whether or not in PVP or PVE.

What are the perfect decks within the Genshin Affect TCG?

Within the Genshin Affect TCG, decks encompass 33 playing cards: 30 motion playing cards and three character playing cards. It’s on these 3 well-chosen character playing cards that your technique will primarily relaxation. It is possible for you to to generate elementary reactions as a way to inflict extra injury or block your opponent. We have now listed on this information the finest builds to your Summon Seven decksthis provides you with concepts for compositions to do with sure Genshin characters.

The freeze deck: a really perfect combo to decelerate your opponent

The precept of the highest gel deck is to play characters cryo and Hydro collectively to freeze your opponents’ playing cards whereas inflicting 1 extra level of injury. The frozen card will be unable to play for one flip. On this method, you’ll significantly decelerate the opposing technique. It is a bit like Ashe’s technique in Legends of Runeterra, one other TCG.

Among the many finest choices, I like to recommend the construct Ayaka / Chongyun / Xingqiu The place Ayaka / Ganyu / mona. With Xingqiu’s Elemental Unleash Hydro enchantment, it is possible for you to to use Hydro along with your characters’ regular assaults. The combination of crowd management and injury makes this deck rank among the many finest Genshin Affect decks in Summoning the Seven at this stage of the meta.

The perforation deck: among the finest decks in Genshin Affect’s TCG

the deck perforation is among the most offensive decks in Summon Seven. It depends on Cryo and Electro parts. The response of Superconduction inflicts 1 extra level of injury to the goal, then 1 piercing injury to the opposite opposing characters. So you possibly can hit a number of playing cards on the similar time.

We suggest that you simply play Ganyu / Fischl / Keqing. Together with his elemental talent, Fischl will summon Oz who will deal Electro injury on the finish of the flip. Whereas Ganyu will materialize a Cryo Summon. By combining the 2, you’ll obtain most Puncture injury with this Genshin Puncture Deck. Lastly, Keqing will hit all enemy characters with its elemental unleash. If you wish to change characters whereas retaining the ability of this combo, check out our tier listing of the perfect Genshin Affect TCG playing cards.

The electrocution deck: a multi-target offensive deck

Fairly related, the Electrocution deck combines, for its half, Hydro and Electro characters like Keqing The place Fischl, which might very simply apply the Electro ingredient. As a Hydro character, we advise you mona, Xingqiu or the Subsequent mirror of the Fatui. It is an aggressive high deck proper now.

The electrocution inflicts a further injury to the focused character in addition to some extent of injury to all the opposite characters of the Invocation of the Seven.

The Evaporation Deck: among the finest Genshin Affect deck for the one goal

The deck Evaporation is performed with a mix of playing cards pyro and Hydro. The response will deal two extra injury to the goal.

You’ll be able to very simply do Evaporation due to the combo Xinqiu / Yoimiya from Genshin Affect. With Xingiu’s Elemental Rage, all regular assaults will deal two factors of Hydro injury. And together with his elemental assault, Yoimiya will enchant his regular assault to make it extra highly effective and do Pyro injury. By combining these talents, you’ll make large assaults (about 8 factors of injury), sufficient to defeat a personality card in a single hit with extra boosts.

Diluc may also match effectively with this deck given its important offensive potential. You may also play Bennett to additional enhance injury or heal character playing cards.

The forged iron deck: among the finest mixtures within the Genshin Affect card game

This deck relies on Pyro and Cryo parts. You’ll be able to play a number of totally different comps like Yoimiya / Ayaka / I’Agent Fatui Pyro The place Yoimiya / Ayaka / Bennett. Ayaka and Yoimiya are additionally a part of finest genshin impression tcg characters.

With Yoimiya’s Elemental Unleash, you may get pleasure from Pyro Infusion on regular assaults, whereas Ayaka will carry out Cryo regular assaults if you swap on her. On this method, you’ll obtain melting with every stroke. All elemental reactions are the important thing level of the perfect Summon Seven deck, so be certain that to problem them as a lot as potential!

The Propagation / Overactivation deck: a formidable offensive deck due to summons

This deck is all about boosting injury Dendro and Electro. The mix of the 2 will inflict one level of injury and create a catalyst discipline. This will increase Dendro and Electro injury by one level for 3 assaults.

For instance, you possibly can play collei / Fischl / Keqing.

Collei and Fischl have the benefit of inserting summons on the sector and thus inflicting extra injury and reactions on the finish of the flip.

Deck Overload within the Genshin Affect TCG: controlling your opponent’s game

The impact Overload generates two extra injury when an enemy is affected by Pyro and Electro. The response additionally robotically adjustments your opponent’s lively character. It is possible for you to to hinder him in his card technique whereas doing plenty of injury.

This Genshin Affect TCG deck can encompass Razor The place Keqing / Fischl / Xiangling.

You now know the finest character card combos to be carried out within the Invocation of the Seven card game, however in fact there are different mixtures. The principle factor is to search out gameplay you want and have enjoyable.

However for have a great deck in Genshin Affect, we advise you to go for two characters of the identical ingredient and one among one other as a way to perform elementary reactions. As well as, by having two characters of the identical ingredient, it is possible for you to to make use of elemental resonance playing cards. These will will let you get additional elemental cube, do extra injury, cost your playing cards’ elemental unleash quicker, and extra.

Ayaka Skill Card
Ayaka Ability Card

You may also add talent playing cards linked to your characters to enhance their talents. This can will let you construct a really perfect Genshin deck for the present Summon Seven meta.

Composing a deck in Genshin Impact's TCG

Then choose some gear to your characters (relying on their ingredient). The artifacts will decrease the variety of cube wanted for an assault (as soon as every flip) and weapons will enhance the injury by 1. Nevertheless, there are additionally different gear with extra particular results comparable to boosting regular assaults or apply care. Throughout a game, make sure to equip them as quickly as potential to make your character playing cards stronger.

Additionally, you will want assist playing cards and occasions to attract new playing cards, management your cube parts, cost your elemental outbursts quicker, and extra. One of the best playing cards to play are in our tier listing that I discussed above.

Playing cards in Genshin Impact with the Perforation deck

That is it for this information to finest Genshin Affect decks within the Summon Seven game mode. We hope this gave you some cool combo concepts to make! As soon as your character playing cards have been chosen, do not neglect the selection of motion playing cards to construct your excellent deck. They’ll will let you enhance your characters and assault extra simply. If you wish to know extra concerning the course of a game, don’t hesitate to check out our Genshin Affect TCG overview.

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