Skullgirls Beowulf Information: Skills and Variants


You simply unlocked Beowulf in Skullgirls and also you need to study extra about this character? On this information, we clarify who Beowulf is, what are his most important skills, but additionally our tier checklist of one of the best Beowulf variants in Skullgirls. Due to our ideas and methods, you’ll know every thing about this fighter.

Who’s Beowulf in Skullgirls?

Beowulf in Skullgirls is a wrestling champ well-known all around the world, particularly for defeating the warrior Gigan Grendel. After the flop of his appearing profession, he steps again into the ring to relive his previous glory within the face of the brand new risk to the Cover Kingdom.

Beowulf is a highly effective fighter 2 meters and 130 kg. It advantages from a hype bar charging with its catches, which makes its subsequent holds inconceivable to counter and modifies the peculiarities of a few of its actions.

Major character skills

The Beowulf character potential in Skullgirls, Frenzy Mode, grants him a Frenzy cost each 30 seconds and every time he catches. When Beowulf amassed 3 Frenzy Expensesit triggers Frenzy Mode for 10 seconds. His grips are then inconceivable to counter and a few of his assaults are improved.

Title battle, sound status potential, offers him 15% extra harm when his HP is decrease than his opponent’s. Secondly, Beowulf unlocks the identical bonus when his HP is larger than his opponent’s.

Lastly, theBeowulf Status Talent in Skullgirls, Now or By no means, fees 50% every time you enter Frenzy Mode. After activation, Beowulf offers 5% extra harm whereas in frenzy for each 20 seconds of fight.

Tier checklist of Beowulf variants in Skullgirls

In complete, we depend 13 variants of Beowulf in Skullgirls. Let’s uncover collectively the signature expertise of every model of the character and which of them are one of the best in our tier checklist of variants.

Tier Variants of Beowulf Parts Signature potential
S The Outsider variant of Beowulf in Skullgirls
darkish Within the ropes : When he suffers a debuff, Beowulf beneficial properties armor and sprint for 15 seconds.
S The Snakebite variant
snake chew
Air Stealth Neutralization : When activating Frenzy Mode, Beowulf beneficial properties 3 stacks of Dodge and 25% Blockbuster Gauge. If he defeats an opponent in Frenzy Mode, he beneficial properties haste completely in addition to 5 stacks of barrier.
darkish energy
darkish Severe injustice : If Beowulf’s well being is beneath 50%, his rank 3 Blockbusters assaults have a 35% probability to get rid of the opponent. It additionally offers 50% extra harm for every teammate defeated.
HAS The Ambiancer variant of Beowulf in Skullgirls
Air Mega Frenzy : Throughout Frenzy Mode, Beowulf steals 10% of the opponent’s Blockbuster Gauge with every profitable hit. When Frenzy Mode is activated, teammates achieve 50% Blockbuster Gauge.
HAS The Colossus variant
Sensible Final name : Upon activating Frenzy Mode, all of Beowulf’s debuffs are eliminated and he beneficial properties immunity and heavy regeneration for 15 seconds. When his HP drops beneath 50%, he turns into Frenzied and Rush for 10 seconds.
Whooping cough of the followers
Sensible Full assist : Beowulf in Skullgirls inflicts Dying Mark and beneficial properties 2 stacks of Fury for 10 seconds when getting into Frenzy Mode. Whereas alive, he grants final power to his teammates for 10 seconds each 30 seconds.
B The Big Bad Wolf variant
massive dangerous wolf
darkish strangling drive : Beowulf inflicts 50% extra harm towards opponents hit by a debuff. His grabs have a 50% probability to inflict cripple and therapeutic block for 10 seconds.
Yam that!
Fireplace fangs of the wolf : By activating Frenzy Mode, Beowulf beneficial properties 3 stacks of Accuracy and 100% Important Injury. After defeating an opponent, his Blockbuster gauge fills up by 50%.
VS The Molossorf variant of Beowulf in Skullgirls
Fireplace evil energy : When he lands a single hit, Beowulf inflicts curse and wither for 10 seconds, in addition to 10% of the opponent’s max HP.
VS The Freedom Fighter variant
freedom fighter
drowned Lock : When hit or blocked, Beowulf has a ten% probability to inflict Armor Break and achieve Autoblock for 10 seconds. If he blocks a Blockbuster transfer or a particular transfer, the opponent is surprised for 4 seconds and can’t launch a Blockbuster assault for 15 seconds.
VS The Number One variant of Beowulf in Skullgirls
Fireplace Pink alert : Upon activating Frenzy Mode, Beowulf beneficial properties sprint for 15 seconds. Throughout this time, he has a 20% probability to realize fury for 10 seconds on every hit.
D The Wrestler X variant
Wrestler X
Sensible X issue : Offers him the regeneration impact for five seconds at every degree of 10% of HP misplaced, in addition to 15% of inflicting bleeding throughout Frenzy Mode.
D The Heart of Stone variant
Stone coronary heart
drowned Chilly : Beowulf’s grabs in Skullgirls have a 20% probability to stun the goal. It additionally offers 50% extra harm to surprised enemies.

This concludes our Beowulf information in Skullgirls. You now know its historical past, its most important expertise, in addition to its variants and their signature expertise. To find new character guides and progress within the game, I invite you to seek the advice of our web page skullgirls methods.

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