Skullgirls Huge Band Information: Skills and Variants


You simply acquired Huge Band in Skullgirls, however you do not know find out how to play it successfully? Don’t panic, we ship the answer to you on this information. Because of our ideas and tips, you’ll know who Huge Band is, but in addition what their important skills are. We additionally disclose to you what are the finest Huge Band variants in Skullgirls to enhance to win your battles.

Who’s Huge Band in Skullgirls?

Ben Birdland, aka Huge Band in Skullgirlsis a former New Meridian police officer was a cyber weapon by Dr. Avian, similar to Peacock Painwheel. This half-saxophone colossus is now a outstanding member of Lab 8 Anti-Skullgirls, and a father determine to younger troopers.

Showing within the Encore DLC, Huge Band is the first male character to affix the Skullgirls roster. As one can suppose by seeing its measurement, it’s a character for use as tank to make the most of its great amount of hit factors and its armor bonuses.

Foremost character skills

The Huge Band character means in Skullgirls is known as All for the music. This passive ability permits him to not be interrupted throughout a splash. Nonetheless, he nonetheless takes injury from the opponent’s assault.

His status meansMaestro, is available in two variations, which respectively mean you can take 5/15% much less injury if he stays the one dwelling fighter on his workforce for Soloist, or if he has a teammate left alive for Frontman.

Lastly, theHuge Band status means in SkullgirlsBlast Beat, gives 17% cost price on all 10 hit combos, in addition to a 25.75% likelihood to make dash assaults unblockable and acquire fury state for five seconds after activation.

Tier record of Huge Band variants in Skullgirls

It exists 12 Huge Band Variations in Skullgirls. Let’s have a look at collectively the signature abilities of every model of the character.

Tier Variants of Huge Band Factor Signature Abilities
S Big Band's Heavy Metal variant in Skullgirls
Heavy Metallic
drowned Purpose for platinum : Huge Band has a 15% likelihood to achieve armor for five seconds on an in depth vary assault. If armor is activated, Blockbusters abilities deal 100% extra injury.
S The Saxofort variant
Sensible round breath : Huge Band offers 3% bonus injury (as much as 200%) per combo assault, stacking as much as 200%. Each ten hits, Huge Band positive factors a random buff.
HAS The vintage Virtuoso variant
classic virtuoso
Hearth Classical coaching : Each ten combo hits, Huge Band in Skullgirls positive factors a stack of Precision, granting Fury and inflicting Guard Break for 10 seconds.
HAS Big Band's Robocopy variant in Skullgirls
drowned Useless or alive : As soon as per combat, when Huge Band suffers an assault that ought to be deadly, he positive factors three stacks of armor and barrier for 10 seconds. If he defeats an opponent, he positive factors two stacks of Fury for 30 seconds and 50% Blockbusters Assault Gauge.
HAS The Megasonic variant
darkish Digital Increase : When Huge Band blocks an assault in Skullgirls, he positive factors fury and thorns for 10 seconds, in addition to 75% injury discount. Whereas Fury is energetic, 50% of injury dealt is was HP.
B The Daddicool variant of Big Band in Skullgirls
Sensible swallow the tablet : Each ten combo assaults, duplicates an opponent’s buff and resets their timer. When Huge Band is knocked out in Skullgirls, the workforce positive factors 15 seconds of immunity and resets all buff timers.
B The Beatbox variant
Hearth freestyle : When Huge Band inflicts a particular transfer, he positive factors fury for five seconds in addition to 25% of the Blockbusters assault gauge.
VS The Dick Tracer variant
Dick Tracer
Hearth Exceptional efficiency : Huge Band positive factors 50% resistance to debuffs and 5% likelihood to stun the opponent for 3 seconds with every assault inflicted.
VS The GI Jazz variant
GI Jazz
Air emergency tank : When Huge Band’s well being in Skullgirls drops under 25%, he positive factors 5 stacks of regeneration for 10 seconds, in addition to 3 stacks of armor.
D The Acute Trouble variant of Big Band in Skullgirls
Acute problems
Sensible Siphoned Symphony : Each ten combo hits obtained, Huge Band heals 10% of its most HP. When attacked with greater than 50% HP, it returns 35% injury.
D Big Band's Plate variant in Skullgirls
Air second breath : When Huge band enters fight, he positive factors 35% Blockbusters gauge, but in addition armor and regeneration for 10 seconds.
D The Resonant Evil Variant
resonant evil
darkish Unlock Grasp : Huge Band has a ten% likelihood to obtain armor for 10 seconds when attacked. When the armor is energetic, it has a 5% likelihood that its hits will stun the goal for 4 seconds.

That is it for this Huge Band information in Skullgirls. You now know its historical past, its important abilities, in addition to its variants and their signature abilities. To find new character guides and progress within the game, I invite you to usually seek the advice of our ideas web page the place extra Skullgirls content material can be launched quickly.

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