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Deserted hospitals are creepy locations. It is an immutable truth of life. That is why they make for such nice settings in horror media; the myriad tales they’ve to inform, of struggling sufferers and sinister experiments, are nice foundations for each exploration and fight. With that in thoughts, I am unsure the real-life Hôpital Saint Louis has any darkish secrets and techniques hiding in its nooks and crannies, however that is not stopping the brand new Steelrising DLC Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques from basing itself on this venerable establishment. After all, there are roughly 100% extra robots on this model.

Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques brings an all-new stage to Steelrising, in addition to a number of new weapons with which to become familiar. You will additionally discover new varieties of automata stalking the corridors of Saint Louis, and in true Steelrising fashion, there is a boss ready for you on the finish of all of it as effectively. The unique Steelrising was a rock-solid, if considerably unadventurous, Soulslike, so will the DLC discover a approach to innovate on the formulation, or is that this simply extra of the identical?

Steelrising: Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques Would not Break the Mould

There’s loads of acquainted enjoyable available with Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques.

It probably will not shock you to study that there are no huge surprises ready for you in Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques. That is very a lot enterprise as typical; the Hôpital Saint Louis brings extra of Steelrising‘s intricate (if overly linear) stage design and three-dimensional exploration, full with loads of awkward platforming sections and probabilities to make use of Aegis’ instruments.

The entire thing takes round two to a few hours, maybe just a little extra when you intend to completely discover.

Fortunately, that is one among Spiders’ higher efforts with regards to Steelrising‘s ranges. Saint Louis is a comparatively simple location; it is tougher to get misplaced because of its wider number of places. Gone are the darkish, dingy, and repetitive streets of Paris, changed by verdant courtyards, cavernous sickrooms, and deep caverns. The entire thing takes round two to a few hours, maybe just a little extra when you intend to completely discover, and I do not recall getting misplaced as soon as.

Though Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques provides a stronger stage than a lot of the bottom game, it additionally shows a few of Steelrising‘s weaknesses in its design. There’s just a little an excessive amount of reliance on “press button to maneuver ahead” instruments just like the grappling hook and the wall-breaking kick, neither of which really feel notably satisfying to make use of. It is also not a very stunning stage; there are no inventive left turns into surprising territory. That is likely to be partly due to Steelrising‘s comparatively sober historic setting (bonkers clockwork robots however), however it’s nonetheless a little bit of a disgrace when the DLC involves an finish and you have had precisely the expertise you anticipated.

The New Automata in Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques Really feel Acquainted

Aegis targeting an enemy from a distance in Steelrising: Cagliostro's Secrets
I feel that is a brand new enemy kind, however it’s actually arduous to inform.

The familiarity of Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques extends to its enemy design as effectively. Steelrising‘s military of clockwork automata shortly acquired stale; though there was selection on show by way of transfer units and methods, each enemy was successfully only a clockwork robotic with an outsized weapon. That philosophy continues into Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques. Regardless of the potential in a hospital setting (would possibly as effectively cease being coy and ask the place my robo-human hybrids are), this DLC’s new enemies are principally constrained to a couple huge robots with massive weapons as soon as once more.

There are one or two sparks of inspiration, although. The boss of the DLC has an assault that covers your display screen in ink like a Mario Kart Blooper, forcing you to take care of its speedy assaults whereas your imaginative and prescient is impaired. There’s additionally a brand new enemy that is about as near a necromancer as you will get in a game about robots; it resurrects close by enemies you have slain and recovers its well being the primary time you kill it. Encountering one among these forces a change in technique, and it is one of many few instances Steelrising: Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques actually switches up its method.

Should you’re hoping for an Outdated Hunters-style tour into intriguing new territory, you will not discover it right here.

Sadly, there’s additionally a little bit of an overreliance on “similar enemy, however now on fireplace” or “similar enemy, however now with lightning”. The technique for killing these enemies hasn’t modified because the base game, and since you may must have completed most of that to get to Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques, lots of the encounters on this DLC will really feel like a case of second verse, similar as the primary. Should you cherished Steelrising and could not get sufficient of it, this may not be an issue for you, however when you’re hoping for an Outdated Hunters-style tour into intriguing new territory, you will not discover it right here.

Steelrising: Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques DLC | Remaining Ideas

Aegis running through a verdant environment in Steelrising: Cagliostro's Secrets
A few of the surroundings in Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques is fairly good.

It is so simple as this: when you like Steelrising sufficient to need extra of it, that is precisely what Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques provides. Its new weapons are superb, however they’re principally variations on a theme, and its new characters are pretty forgettable. There’s sufficient enjoyable fight and exploration right here to maintain you ticking over when you loved the bottom game. If, nevertheless, you need Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques to reinvent the large wheel you need to use to beat your enemies up (severely, that is an actual weapon), then you definitely’re higher off ready for the true Louis XVI to invent an automaton military.

TechRaptor reviewed Steelrising: Cagliostro’s Secrets and techniques on PlayStation 5 with a duplicate supplied by the writer. It is usually obtainable on Xbox Sequence X|S and PC.

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