Temtem Evolutions: How one can Evolve Every Temtem


Need to know how you can get all Temtem evolutions? For those who’ve performed Pokemon, you may anticipate your Temtem to have evolutions as effectively. They’ll really evolve into new types, however Temtem evolutions work just a little otherwise than you would possibly anticipate. As a substitute of happening at set ranges, Temtem evolutions occur after your creature good points a specific amount of ranges. This would possibly sound precisely the identical, however the refined distinction is extremely vital.

For instance, a Paharo is not going to evolve on the identical stage for everybody. As a substitute, everybody should achieve the identical quantity of ranges with their Paharo after choosing it up. Paharo requires seven ranges, so a Paharo caught at stage 10 will evolve at stage 17. Now that you understand how Temtem evolution works, we are able to break down how you can get every Temtem evolution.

On this information, we’ll clarify how you can get every Temtem evolution, together with the precise ranges wanted to evolve every Temtem and different standards you might want to fulfill to evolve some uncommon Temtem.

Temtem Evolutions

There are numerous Temtem evolution necessities, however the commonest is just leveling up your Temtem. To reiterate what we stated above, Temtem species don’t evolve at sure ranges. As a substitute, they need to achieve a specific amount of ranges from the purpose of seize, which implies you and your pal can have the identical Temtem, however see them evolve at barely completely different ranges.

Nevertheless, some uncommon Temtem require you to satisfy extra particular standards. Tuwai, for instance, has a number of last evolutions which you can activate by interacting with completely different shrines. Different Temtem will solely evolve as soon as traded to a different participant, or after gaining a specific amount of excessive stats.

How one can evolve all Temtem

If you wish to know the place to search out every Temtem, try our full Temtem checklist. Beneath you’ll find an entire checklist of all Temtem and how you can get their evolutions:

Have gotten has received how you can evolve Tempedia quantity
imitate doesn’t evolve 001
oree Degree up 35 occasions 002
Zaobian doesn’t evolve 003
Chromeon doesn’t evolve 004
Halzhi Degree up 16 occasions 005
molgu doesn’t evolve 006
Platyping Degree up 20 occasions 007
Platox Degree up 20 occasions 008
platinum doesn’t evolve 009
Swali Degree up 8 occasions 010
Loali doesn’t evolve 011
Tateru doesn’t evolve 012
Gharunder doesn’t evolve 013
mosu Degree up 15 occasions 014
Magmut doesn’t evolve 015
paharo Degree up 7 occasions 016
paharac Degree up 16 occasions 017
Grandfather doesn’t evolve 018
Enlargement Degree up 14 occasions 019
anphatyr doesn’t evolve 020
coke Degree up 20 occasions 021
mudrid doesn’t evolve 022
Hidody doesn’t evolve 023
Taifu doesn’t evolve 024
fomu Degree up 20 occasions 025
wiplump doesn’t evolve 026
skail Degree up 17 occasions 027
skunch doesn’t evolve 028
Goty Degree up 13 occasions 029
Mouflank doesn’t evolve 030
holder doesn’t evolve 031
Houchic Degree up 29 occasions 032
Try Degree up 24 occasions 033
nagaise doesn’t evolve 034
orfil Degree up 22 occasions 035
Nidrasil doesn’t evolve 036
banapi Degree up 17 occasions 037
capira doesn’t evolve 038
lapinite Degree up 25 occasions 039
azuroc Commerce to a different participant 040
Zenoreth doesn’t evolve 041
rival Degree up 15 occasions 042
Aohi doesn’t evolve 043
bigu Degree up 18 occasions 044
Babawa doesn’t evolve 045
Ob1 Degree up 15 occasions 046
Ob10 doesn’t evolve 047
Kaku Degree up 11 occasions 048
Sakura doesn’t evolve 049
Valash doesn’t evolve 050
Trailer Degree up 10 occasions (male evolves into Owlhe, feminine evolves into Barnshe) 051
look doesn’t evolve 052
barnshe doesn’t evolve 053
gyalis doesn’t evolve 054
occludes Degree up 18 occasions 055
myx doesn’t evolve 056
Raiber Degree up 15 occasions 057
root Degree up 25 occasions 058
Raicano doesn’t evolve 059
pewki Degree up 13 occasions 060
piranian doesn’t evolve 061
scarawatt Degree up 12 occasions 062
scaravolt doesn’t evolve 063
hoglip Degree up 13 occasions 064
hedge doesn’t evolve 065
Osuchi Degree up 12 occasions 066
Osukan Degree up 14 occasions 067
Osukai doesn’t evolve 068
Saipat doesn’t evolve 069
Picco Degree up 14 occasions 070
Drakash doesn’t evolve 071
Crystal Degree up 30 occasions 072
Sherald Degree up 21 occasions 073
Tortenite doesn’t evolve 074
Innki doesn’t evolve 075
Shaolite Degree up 12 occasions 076
Shaolant doesn’t evolve 077
cycrox doesn’t evolve 078
hocus Degree up 21 occasions 079
little doesn’t evolve 080
smolzy Degree up 30 occasions 081
Sparse Degree up 14 occasions 082
Golzy doesn’t evolve 083
mushi Degree up 20 occasions 084
Mushroom doesn’t evolve 085
magmis Degree up 16 occasions 086
mastion doesn’t evolve 087
umishi Degree up 14 occasions 088
ukama doesn’t evolve 089
galvanid Degree up 16 occasions 090
Raignet doesn’t evolve 091
smazee Degree up 29 occasions 092
Babuong Degree up 23 occasions 093
Seismunch doesn’t evolve 094
Zizare doesn’t evolve 095
Gorong doesn’t evolve 096
mitty Degree up 15 occasions 097
Sanbi doesn’t evolve 098
momo doesn’t evolve 099
Kuri Degree up 16 occasions 100
Kauren doesn’t evolve 101
spriole Degree up 12 occasions 102
Deendre Degree up 25 occasions 103
cerneaf doesn’t evolve 104
toxolot Degree up 30 occasions 105
Noxolotl doesn’t evolve 106
Blooze Degree up 20 occasions 107
goolder doesn’t evolve 108
Zephyruff Degree up 22 occasions 109
volarend doesn’t evolve 110
Grumvel ul stage 16 occasions 111
grumpy doesn’t evolve 112
ganki Degree up 27 occasions 113
Gazuma doesn’t evolve 114
Ocean doesn’t evolve 115
Yowlar doesn’t evolve 116
Drop Degree up 20 occasions 117
Garyo doesn’t evolve 118
broccoblin Degree up 10 occasions 119
broccor Degree up 10 occasions 120
brocolem doesn’t evolve 121
Shuine doesn’t evolve 122
nessla doesn’t evolve 123
consider doesn’t evolve 124
pupoise Degree up 18 occasions 125
Loatle doesn’t evolve 126
Kalazu Degree up 18 occasions 127
Kalabyss doesn’t evolve 128
adoraboros doesn’t evolve 129
tuwai Six evolutions you may activate in shrines:Tukai: Shrine of WaterTulcan: Shrine of FireTuvine: Shrine of CrystalTuroc: Shrine of EarthTuwire: Shrine DigitalTutsu: Shrine of Melee 130
Tukai doesn’t evolve 131
tulcan doesn’t evolve 132
tuvine doesn’t evolve 133
turoc doesn’t evolve 134
Tuwire doesn’t evolve 135
tutsu doesn’t evolve 136
kinu doesn’t evolve 137
Vulvir Degree up 14 occasions 138
Vulor Degree up 28 occasions 139
Vulcan doesn’t evolve 140
pigepic doesn’t evolve 141
akranox doesn’t evolve 142
Koish doesn’t evolve 143
Vulffy doesn’t evolve 144
Chubee Degree up 15 occasions 145
Waspeen doesn’t evolve 146
Mawtle Degree up 16 occasions 147
Mawmense doesn’t evolve 148
Hazrat doesn’t evolve 149
minttle Degree up 12 occasions 150
minox Degree up 13 occasions 151
Minothor doesn’t evolve 152
Maoala doesn’t evolve 153
venx Degree up 17 occasions (evolves into Venmet with Parrier trait, evolves into Vental with Arcane Wrap trait) 154
Venmet doesn’t evolve 155
wind doesn’t evolve 156
chimurian doesn’t evolve 157
arachnyte doesn’t evolve 158
Thaiko Degree up 20 occasions 159
monkko doesn’t evolve 160
Anahir Improve TVs to a complete of 1000 161
Anathan doesn’t evolve 162
tyranak doesn’t evolve 163
volgon doesn’t evolve 164

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