TFT patch 12.18: all buffs, nerfs and changes


After the arrival of set 7.5 within the earlier replace, the TFT patch 12.18 hits the reside servers this week. It permits you to make changes for steadiness the various additions from patch 12.17. Let’s uncover collectively all of the adjustments of this replace with many buffs, nerfs and changes to champions, traits, augments and objects.

TFT patch 12.18: trait adjustments

Let’s begin with the change of the TFT patch 12.18 by the traces. We notice the bonus buffs of the mages and that of the Lightscale objects, whereas the Cosmic trait undergoes new modifications to the functioning of the orbs.

Trait buffs

Options Patch 12.18 TFT Trait Buffs

Second spell harm elevated from 75/100/125/150% to 75/110/145/180% Potential Energy.
Shimmerscale Line TFT Icon
The bonuses granted by Lightscale objects have been elevated.

The trait nerves

Line changes

Options Patch 12.18 TFT trait changes
Astral Line TFT Icon
Duplicate Cosmic Champions will now not rely in the direction of the star ranking for Cosmic Orbs. The standard of rewards will increase with every star stage, and parts and full objects could seem earlier within the game.

TFT patch 12.18: champion adjustments

On the aspect of the champions, this TFT patch 12.18 is a little more hectic with many buffs, particularly for just lately launched champions with set 7.5, in addition to Daeja rework and Nunu nerf.

Champion buffs

The nerves of champions

Champion Changes

Champions Patch 12.18 TFT Champions Changes
Daeja Champion TFT Icon
After the champion rework, Daeja has 20 assault harm and his passive harm has been lowered from 40/60/180 to 25/40/150.
Lux Champion TFT Icon
The harm of his spell decreases from 350/425/575 to 325/400/525, however his animation triggers quicker.

TFT patch 12.18: adjustments to Augments

Augments additionally endure a number of adjustments on this TFT patch 12.18with buffs from some new optimizations, but additionally nerfs to Achilles Heel and Ricochet.

Increase buffs

Augments nerfs

will increase Patch 12.18 TFT Increase nerfs
Ricochet Augment Icon
Ricochet harm discount elevated from 33% to 40%.
Weak Spot Increase Icon
Achilles’ heel
Armor penetration bonus lowered from 20% to 10%.

TFT patch 12.18: merchandise adjustments

To finish with the adjustments on this TFT replacethe one merchandise to endure a modification is the Final breathtogether with the armor penetration bonus which drops from 60% to 50%.

TFT patch 12.18: Secret of the oceans

A lot for the buffs, nerfs and changes to the champions, traits, objects and augments of the TFT patch 12.18. To find our recommendation and progress within the game, I invite you to seek the advice of our guides on the web page TFT methods.

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