TFT patch 12.20: the return of reroll compositions?


With the TFT patch 12.20Riot Video games continues its momentum of patch 12.19 with many changes, particularly on the facet of the champions and the harm of their spells. Let’s uncover collectively all of the adjustments of this replace with many buffs, nerfs and changes to traits, champions and augments.

TFT patch 12.20: trait adjustments

We begin the TFT patch 12.20 adjustments with the options, and specifically the Cavaliers buff to information Daeja compositions, too usually performed with Guild champions, who’re additionally nerfed on a number of of their bonuses. Dracomancers are additionally upgraded to 2 and 4 to spice up their mid-game affect.

Trait buffs

The trait nerves

TFT patch 12.20: champion adjustments

Numerous adjustments for champions with the TFT patch 12.20. We word specifically the massive buffs for Senna and Zacbut additionally that of Volibear who was already very robust within the meta. On the nerf facet, Rengar, Daeja, and Sohm are seeing the most important stat decreases.

Champion buffs

The nerves of champions

Champion Changes

Champions Patch 12.20 TFT Champion Changes
Zoe Champion TFT Icon
His HP is decreased from 1200 to 1050, his spell’s assault velocity bonus period is modified from 5 to five/5/30 seconds, whereas his spell’s harm is elevated from 20/40/500 to twenty/40 /1000.

TFT patch 12.20: adjustments to Augments

Lastly, let’s finish with the adjustments to TFT augments patch 12.20. If no increase buff is utilized with this replace, we word the elimination of the Blazon of Jade and Cutthroat, deletions of tiers, in addition to the Den of the Beast nerftop-of-the-line gold augments thus far.

Augments nerfs

Increase Changes

That is all for the TFT patch 12.20 adjustments. With buffs, nerfs and tweaks to champions, traits and augments, we will anticipate some adjustments to the meta, with much less affect for Dragons and sure a return to reroll comps round 1, 2 and three value champions, like Senna, Ezreal, Zac and Kai’Sa in 3 stars.

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