Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Tier Checklist: Finest Weapons


Discover out on this Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Tier Checklist what are the greatest weapons to summon within the action-RPG of Stage Infinite. We’ve got divided this prime into a number of classes: greatest DPS, defend breaker, tank and assist. You’ll know on which characters deal with you in precedence to avoid wasting your assets as a lot as doable. This rating nevertheless, relies on the Simulacrums obtainable within the world model of ToF and never the Chinese language model which nonetheless has a transparent lead.

Tier Checklist of the very best DPS simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

If you wish to obtain excessive injury in ToF, you’ll need highly effective weapons. We’ve got thus labeled the very best DPS characters on this Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier record.

Samir, some of the highly effective DPS in ToF (SS weapon)

samir is at the moment some of the highly effective characters, which earned him a spot on this third record of simulacra in Tower of Fantasy. With its double weapons, it’s significantly cell and above all quick. It is possible for you to to inflict large injury by leaping within the air after which raining electrified bullets in your enemies. And the extra enemies there are, the extra it would damage.

Samir’s twin pistols are of lightning sort and have a Fracture ranking of 6 and 10.7 for Recharge. Samir works nice with Nemesis and King weapons.

Frigg, the Ice Queen (SS weapon)

Tier List Tower of Fantasy Simulacrums: Frigg

Frigg combat with the assistance of Balmungan awesome sword of ice sort. Properly balanced, it has a Break and Recharge rating of 8. Its weapon shall be an enormous asset in an ice-type crew because of its frost resonance. This will increase ice injury by 15% and freeze resistance by 25%. For instance, you’ll be able to play it with Meryl and Tsubasa.

Balmung’s gameplay depends closely on his talent. This invokes a frost area. When current, Frost Weapon’s fracture capability is elevated by 25% and Frigg’s dodge quantity not drops. This can then be the right time to multiply dodges and assault.

Tsubasa: the ice-type archer (weapon S)

Tier List Tower of Fantasy Simulacrums: Tsubasa

By invoking Tsubasayou’ll get Arrow of the Frost Winda ice sort bow. It has a rating of 4 in Fracture and 11.5 in Recharge. Tsubasa’s bow talent knocks enemies again whereas beautiful them. You get the bonus of big vary and a devastating final assault.

In abstract, Tsubasa shall be follow in exploration to hit targets at a distance and can be capable to weaken and gradual the enemies she faces. These qualities are value to him to be labeled S on this Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier record.

Shiro: a robust AoE sub-DPS (weapon A)

Shiro in ToF

The chakram of Shiro performs principally as sub-DPS. He’ll make it easier to break shields along with his 10 for Fracture, and as soon as his C1 is activated, Fracture injury shall be elevated. Shiro’s bouncing chakrams will inflict good space injury and can pull enemies in whereas lowering their velocity with their talent.

Crow: Lightning-type DPS (Weapon A)


crow wields electrical twin blades. It will increase to six in Fracture and eight in Recharge. Electrical twin blades are perfect for sneak assaults, the place they will inflict nice injury. To do that, crouch, then assault an enemy from behind. Crow’s weapon will certainly acquire in energy when you unlock its constellations.

Bai Ling: an honorable SR DPS (weapon B)

Bai Ling

If you haven’t any DPS SSR, you’ll be able to select Bai Ling to begin at ToF. Particularly since it will likely be a lot simpler to unlock the constellations of an SR character. Bai Ling is a Bodily DPS armed with a bow, with 6 Fracture and 10 Recharge. It has a very good injury fee, though shortly overtaken by SSR weapons. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to assault the enemy from an extended distance and thus keep away from being injured.

Echo: an SR melee DPS (weapon B)


lightning sort, Echo can also be doable to begin taking part in ToF. She advantages from a excessive fracture rating of 12.6 (along with her first constellation), that of cost is, for her half, 7. Echo’s halberd will simply break the enemy’s shields, whereas inflicting first rate injury, particularly as soon as his constellations are up.

Tier Checklist of the Finest Defend Breakers and Tanks in Tower of Fantasy

Inflicting heavy injury is not going to be sufficient to shortly overcome an enemy, you’ll first must destroy his defend. For this, it’s best to assault with characters with a excessive fracture rating. We allow you to uncover the tier record of the very best simulacra in Tower of Fantasy to interrupt shields.

King: Tower of Fantasy’s Finest Defend Breaker (SS Weapon)

Tier List Tower of Fantasy Simulators: King

King he could also be a DPS, however he is nonetheless the very best defend breaker in Tower of Fantasy because of his Fracture rating of 12.5, then 14.30 as soon as his first constellation is unlocked. He additionally advantages from excessive injury (even with out his constellations) in addition to nervous gameplay. You possibly can shortly chain scythe photographs, whereas having fun with a very good vary.

Meryl: a very offensive tank (weapon S)

Tier List Tower of Fantasy Simulacrums: Meryl

Meryl Following King very intently on this tiered record of Tower of Fantasy simulacra because of his Fracture ranking of 12. He’ll improve by 15% along with his C1. Her claymore has the additional benefit of slowing down enemies whereas inflicting vital injury. She will be able to throw your opponents into the air and carry out formidable dogfights.

Meryl may even outrun King should you play her with Frigg, which can enhance her injury in addition to her Fracture rating. In C3, Meryl’s claymore will generate a defend when switching weapons, which makes her an awesome tank.

Huma: a hybrid hearth sort tank (weapon S)

Tier List Tower of Fantasy Simulacrums: Huma

Huma presents some of the versatile weapons in ToF with its Furnace Defend V2. The defend, because of its talent, can change form and thus flip into an ax to inflict larger injury. The discharge can, for its half, provoke the enemy along with inflicting nice injury. Huma has a degree of Fracture and Recharge of 10.

Ene: an honorable SR tank (weapon B)


Regardless that Ene doesn’t compete with Meryl, King or Huma, she nonetheless has a rating of 10 in Fracture, which makes her a very good defend breaker. Of ice sort, with a tank resonance, it will likely be in a position to freeze and weaken enemies. By unlocking her constellations, she is going to be capable to provoke enemies and grant you a state of invulnerability for 8 seconds.

Tier Checklist of the Finest Simulacrum Supporters in Tower of Fantasy

We proceed this Tower of Fantasy simulacra tier record with the greatest assist weapons. To outlive, you may have to depend on a healer. Uncover on this information our rating of the very best assist characters to summon.

Nemesis: the very best assist for a lightning crew (SS weapon)

Tier List Tower of Fantasy Simulacrums: Nemesis

Nemesis Clearly dominates this tier record of the very best Tower of Fantasy Simulacrums. She fights with the assistance of Venusa floating cannon. The weapon excels in assist because of its lightning resonance which boosts the injury of this ingredient, but additionally because of its capability to heal if you dodge. Nevertheless, Nemesis’ therapeutic talents shall be larger as soon as her C1 is unlocked. Nemesis achieves a Ranking of 8 for Recharge and 6 for Sunder.

Cocoritter: the very best healer in Tower of Fantasy (weapon S)

Tier List Tower of Fantasy Simulators: Cocoritter

Coconut at the moment embodies the greatest ToF healer, which earns it a spot of selection on this tier record of Tower of Fantasy simulacra. She is going to be capable to heal you, in addition to different close by gamers, because of her talent and her discharge. the Cocoritter’s scepter is an effective selection of weapon for learners and particularly for enjoying in a gaggle. Cocoritter additionally has a Recharge ranking of 12.5.

Zero: An excellent assist simulacrum for multiplayer (Weapon A)


Zero fights with a hearth sort dice. The assist character creates shields for you and your allies. By unlocking his first constellation, he will even be capable to present therapeutic. It additionally has the benefit of getting a Recharge rating of 13.

Pepper: the very best SR weapon for therapeutic on this tier record of Tower of Fantasy simulacra


If you do not have Nemesis and need to play a lightning crew or simply want a healer, Pepper embodies a very good different. Of lightning sort, his employees has 4 in Fracture and 10 in Recharge. As soon as all of her constellations have been unlocked, Pepper will improve to 13.20 in Recharge. This can simply cost your weapon assaults, take away debuffs, cut back your injury, and supply first rate therapeutic.

It is all for our tier record of the very best Tower of Fantasy simulations. We hope it has been helpful to you and can can help you compose good groups within the game and above all to have enjoyable. However for them to be actually efficient, additionally, you will must improve your energy.

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