Velanna Eversoul: a brand new warrior tier S


Launched just some days in the past Velanna of Eversoul is the newest warrior within the well-liked gacha RPG, and never the least! She is straight away added to our tier record of characters. We take inventory of this new character; abilities, strengths, weaknesses, how you can get Velanna Eversoulwe inform you every part!

What are the options of Velanna?

Velanna is an undead kind soul and her class is warrior. Specialised in onerous management and injury over time, she will keep alive for a really very long time due to her abilities that take life from opponents. A short abstract of his abilities:

Talent Title Talent kind Talent Results
Ball of Blood and Snake Final Talent Inflicts heavy injury to all enemies in addition to injury over time by means of bleed. Targets already affected by bleeding take extra injury.
wild dance Most important Talent Velanna d’Eversoul lunges on the nearest enemy as much as 5 meters and 180° to inflict heavy injury. If the goal bleeds, it takes bonus injury.
Hovering Hatred Sub-Talent Velanna summons a sword inflicting targets to bleed out to a radius of two.5m. Targets additionally obtain injury over time.
Swirling Frenzy Sub-Talent Just like Hovering Hatred however replaces injury over time with further injury towards enemies affected by bleeding.
Seething Obsession Passive Talent All assaults towards bleeding enemies depend as crits. Moreover, lifesteal is elevated by 30%.

After all, as you stage up, the consequences of abilities are elevated tenfold. Moreover, you’ll have seen that a lot of the abilities of Velanna in Eversoul deal bonus injury to bleeding enemies. Subsequently, the invocation of Velanna suits very nicely with these of souls like Haru, Jacqueline or Ayame. With these abilities, she clearly deserves a spot in third in our tier record Eversoul.

Velanna Eversoul's stats

You possibly can invoke the character Velanna from Eversoul on his Choose-Up banner devoted till February 16, 2023. Due to the Choose-Up banner rewards system, you’re assured to get it after 80 attracts due to the soul recollections which are then provided to you. Nonetheless, Eversoul is a fairly beneficiant gacha game and so you’ll most likely get it earlier than. Thus, it solely took me about twenty invocations to summon Velanna in Eversoul.

Velanna Eversoul's Pick-Up Banner

In conclusion, Velanna is a particularly environment friendly soul price investing your everstone in. Summon her if you have already got Haru or Ayame, and prepare for an explosive cocktail!

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